Thursday, April 01, 2004

Bonus points any time you can squeeze in a cone of silence reference.

From a purely academic standpoint, mind you

Yeah, chief. If you're going to break into someone's home to play out a rape fantasy, you may want to double check that you have the right fucking house. To be honest, though, the real shock here is that there was actually a real woman waiting somewhere for this guy considering that he found her in a chat room. As I've said before, it's pretty much all lonely guys (myself included) and the FBI in those fuckin' things.

I've always found rape fantasies fascinating, and not just because I'm a sick fuck. No, the thing I find most interesting is the fact that a seemingly decent number of women have rape fantasies - it's not just us sick fucking guys. I've heard explanations for why many women do have this fantasy - from actual women, nonetheless - and it all makes sense. Doesn't make it any less interesting.
Boo fucking hoo. You have everything, and on top of that you're getting some pussy. Deal with it. The only one I might feel sorry for is the girlfriend, but fuck that. There are always tradeoffs in life; you want to date a rich kid, you're going to show up in the papers.

The only egregious offense I see here is that anyone cares.
Chipping away.

Needs more dog

Google search:

legal 18 countdown hillary duff birthday

Hillary Düff really needs to be hotter.
Google search:

self orthodontistry

That won't end badly.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I'm sorry for your loss and all, but fuck you, lady. The people who were in the WTC or the Pentagon or who got on those planes weren't knowingly accepting any sort of extraordinary risk, unlike your husband. And why did your husband do it? Because he was a vain, self-important asshole out for the "scoop" and his own glory. You know, a journalist.
I don't know if it's because it's late and I'm tired (or at least, I should be), but I found something on the Kindofcrap messageboards that made me laugh. Scroll down a couple of posts if necessary until you find a brief animation. You'll know once you hit it.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

But I can still beat this bitch on sushi night, I guarantee

This week's entry in the Why They Hate Us department.
Damn, I have got to commit me some war crimes.
You may remember the story from a few months back about Governator Ale. Well, it looks like Arnold's lawyers finally got pissed and went after the brewery making the beer. I think this is pretty fucking hillarious since the brewery people were so god damn proud of their stupid, shitty idea.

"You don't overexpose an asset like the governor."

I find it remarkable how little thinking is done by spokespeople for politicians.
I suppose they're gonna want the right to vote now, too.
If any of these were because of a psychic tip, I'm moving.
So much for enjoying some nice spring weather out on the patio.
Earthlink search:

man and woman fucking

Dude - this is the Internet. We don't have that kind of filth here.
So who knows what really went down with James Yee. It's gotta be neat for the government to be able to hide behind the curtain of "national security" and "the war on terrorism." Man, I really need to start using those excuses. "Yeah, I would be more sociable, but that might compromise the war on terrorism." Fuckin' A.

At least there's one person who doesn't bullshit - this guy's mom. I enjoyed her comments in that article.
And while we're discussing Carlin, here's something that might keep you entertained for awhile: 2,443 dirty words. If nothing else, be sure and check out "smegma."

2005? Fuck.

A brief interview with Carlin.
Homophobic pricks.

"One man, one woman." Yeah, how about "one gun, two bullets"?

Monday, March 29, 2004

Don't take this post too seriously

My kinda girls. Okay, not really. If I actually had a girlfriend - you know, in fucking fantasy land - I don't think I'd want to have to go collect her from the slammer. Shit, just ask ETP how difficult it is for your SO to be a hardened criminal. That's right; BOETP has done time. In her defense, though, I think she only got pulled over because she's black.
Haven't linked a Krugman column in awhile, so let's bust one out now.

Religion is dangerous, example #23,116,048,443,733,217,003

Way to go, lady.

"It destroyed her ability to discern the wrongness of her act."

That... Really says it all, doesn't it?
That's funny, because the Japanese aren't know to be freakishly obsessive with anything else.
This is really funny. TB is accusing Kerry of exploiting the Bible. This coming from the group whose ostensible leader says he was chosen by god to be president.

Man, Fox News is as comical as it is annoying. Look at that banner: "You Decide 2004." Yeah, I think Fox News and its patrons have pretty much already made their decision.

Oh, and if you're wondering why I'm reading Fox News like a bad little liberal, I was out doing a little research on Charles Pickering and was actually trying to be fair and balanced, which led me to Fox at one point. You know Pickering, the nominee for the 5th circuit who Bush installed via recess appointment. There was a piece on 60 Minutes last night, which painted a picture of him as being all about civil rights, something the Ds have accused him of having a shady history on. This made me wonder why exactly the Ds were fighting so hard against Pickering, and it also reminded me of how embarrassingly superficial I am when it comes to the issues.

Anyway, in an attempt to find out more about Pickering, I read a few older articles, such as this Salon article. In the 60 Minutes segment, the only D viewpoint expressed was the case where Pickering seemingly went soft on a cross burner. I knew there had to be more to it than just that, though. After all, the Ds have confirmed the vast majority of Bush's court nominees, and are only holding out on a handful. I figure for the ones they're refusing to let go to a vote, there's gotta be a good reason to go though that shit. Although I really didn't care for the Salon article, as it was heavy on innuendo and light on evidence (much like someone we know, yes, but I'm not pretending to be a serious journalist here), it did at least give me some indication that the Ds are fighting Pickering because there are some legitimate questions out there about his past when it comes to race issues.

Some other articles and opinions on the Pickering debate can be found here in Fox's report on the recess appointment, as well as NOW's report on the man.
Since I've got people breathing down my neck, I had better get some new linkers up there before they have my head (which I undoubtedly deserve for myriad reasons):

The Attic
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Ang's Weird Ideas

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Must be getting angry now

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This, on the other hand, is an Audblog post

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Bob Dole: Bob Dole's written a column.
No, this isn't an Audblog post, just some random MP3 I found years ago on "Usage of the word 'fuck.'" Just in case you haven't heard me use the F word enough around here.

Who says it's dead?

I could be wrong, but AJ has some kind of beef with Erin. Since AJ says that Erin is trying to keep him on a leash, I presume AJ and Erin are a couple. Of sorts. Ahhh, young love...
Here's to hoping they don't screw this up in one way or another.