Friday, September 03, 2004

I've complained time and time again about people telling their bullshit sob stories on eBay as to why they're being forced to sell something that's oh-so-cool (supposedly). The worst was some dooshebag who said that he was buying a BMW and needed the extra cash. And I'm like, hey, fuck you buddy. I don't need to know that you're buying yourself a yuppiemobile (which, of course, I now want, but didn't at the time). I find it further offensive that he was selling off his toys to finance the new Bimmer. Selling off toys to buy other shit is bad times. I learned this lesson the hard way.

I wasn't planning on getting of some bullshit nostalgic rant, especially not one that I'm all but sure I've covered before, but fuck it.

Growing up, I was pretty much the same spoiled little shit that I am now. Being an only child helped foster my materialistic attitudes, and as such I had quite a few toys. I had tons of good shit -- Transformers, Ghostbusters, MASK. Yeah. So what did I do? I sold virtually all of it at a garage sale that my family held. What did I do with the, like, $50 (no exaggeration) I got for selling off my childhood? I bought a NES Advantage, which I hated, and then exchanged it for Guerilla War for Nintendo.

I don't know how many of you out there have played Guerilla War for the NES, but it sucked. You see, the arcade version was fucking kick-ass -- especially when you got a tank. My stepsister and I killed hours playing that fucking game at this one pizza joint my family used to go to. As we all learn with videogames at some point, the console version never lives up to the arcade version (maybe there are some counterexamples of this out there; I don't know).

I doubt that even having the arcade version would have compensated for, again, my entire childhood. I kicked myself in the ass over that bloody garage sale for well over a decade. Sadly, it was one of the only things in my life that I truly regretted. Yeah, spending years being an asshole and treating people like shit and running off friend after friend didn't bother me, but giving up my toys did. Again, we see the quality human being that I have become.

Regardless, I regretted that shit, making matters worse once eBay came along, allowing me to buy back bits and pieces of my childhood for probably ten times the price. It was all made worth it, though, when I got the so-called "New Year's" Optimus Prime. This wasn't an original from the 80s, but a remake by Takara, a Japanese company that I'd worship if I had religion. Their remakes are pretty much exactly like the originals, which makes sense since Takara distributed Transformers in Japan back in the day. Unlike those cocksuckers at Hasbro, though, they have standards and their remakes are just like the originals. Meanwhile, fuck Hasbro and their shortened smokestacks.

The day I got New Year's prime was fucking great. The toy was so cool, so faithful to the original, that I cried. Not a total little bitch crying session, but yeah, I got choked up over that little (if you call $100 "little") piece of the past. At that point, I was like, you know, if I hadn't sold my shit all those years ago, I wouldn't be having this moment right now. Stupid, yeah, but I didn't regret the garage sale anymore. I still don't, nonsensical as it is, because as I've said before (and as anyone else into it knows), this shit is fucking expensive. The remakes can be bad enough, and forget about vintage. Doesn't stop me, though (as we all know), since I'm all too willing to continue my lifelong quest to fill real holes in my life with pieces of metal and plastic that I don't need. But oh effing well; it all keeps me entertained.

So, how the fuck did we end up here? Oh yeah, the latest asswipe (I don't call enough people "asswipe," 'ya know?) on eBay who pissed me off:

Well friends the time has come, like so many before me. I am married now and have two great children. I can no longer take up a whole room of our house for my toys.

First off, I'm not your friend. No friend of mine would be this big of a stupid shit. When faced with this situation, I see two choices and two choices only:
  1. Get rid of the kids
  2. Get a bigger house
Don't give me any of that weak "but houses are expensive!" shit. That's why I gave you two options, dickhead.

Seriously, I don't want to hear this shit that you can't spare a room. That's why I have a three-bedroom house for one lousy person: a bedroom for me, a bedroom to act as an office, and room for The Girls. Well, The Girls and all my other stuff, but it's pretty clear who that room is centered around.

Oh, and I don't care how badly I want that 330 -- I'm not auctioning off the Girls or any of my other cool shit to get it. I may not regret the garage sale anymore, but I sure as hell am not going to risk a repeat. I'll just have it all (at some far-off future point, maybe), thank you very much.

Wow, growing up is neat. I get older so that I can still be the same selfish, material-driven asscock that I was as a child. But at least I'm not some soulless cocksucker who sells his toys just because of two crummy children. I mean, that there is an asshole.
One of the neat things about the past few weeks has been that Maureen Dowd has been out making the rounds on the talk shows. I thought that run was over, but she showed up on Newsnight last night. Of course, this all means that columns are few and far between, but, yeah, tradeoffs.

God damn it I love Maureen Dowd. And not in that bullshit way that I "love" the Bush twins; this is real (just in case this hadn't gotten "schoolboy crush" enough for 'ya). Maybe she doesn't come across as smart to others since I'm A) often inclined to agree and B) not that smart or savvy on things myself, and maybe she doesn't come across as funny since others have no sense of humor. But man, if I ever find myself a Maureen, we will rule the fucking world. You know, that, or, sit around and complain about everything and make fun of everyone. One of the two.

Meanwhile, Paul Krugman (my backup in case Maureen won't marry me) has mostly been stuck in the office.
Looks like all those late nights of pizza 'n' blowjobs caught up to him.

Let's get it on

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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Something that may be of interest to some of you out there: Bill Maher is going to show up on Bill O'Reilly's show sometime tonight (airs at 6:00 MT). Should be fun.
An interesting story on what Dubya was up to while he was avioding service in Vietnam. Now, granted, this tale may very well be coming from someone with an axe to grind, but it still doesn't change what we all know: that George W. Bush was a total fuck-up who dodged the draft. Kerry was in undisputedly in Vietnam, and even if (once again: IF) he was self-inflicting wounds and telling other lies to get medals, that's still more impressive than whatever Bush was up to.
Like usual, I was probably panicking for nothing last night. But, you know, that's what I do. We'll just have to see what happens in the aftermath of the convention. So far, some more leftist outlets are just dismissing Zell Miller. Cheney, again, was just doing what he was expected to do.

Al Franken has been going after Zell Miller and other shit from the convention all morning, so at least one liberal out there is getting after it. Yeah, of course, there's all kinds of talk about the bitter demeanor that Miller put forth, but also a point-by-point counterargument of what was said in the speech. Hopefully we'll see more of this over the next couple of days to rebut the bullshit coming out of the RNC. After that, phase two. This is no Underpants Gnomes bullshit, we know what phase two is: going on the attack. Do what you were too afraid to do at the DNC. Do what the Republicans scared you away from doing, only so that they could turn around and do that, do exactly that, at their convention.

Also, if there is any kind of fallout from this Zell Miller shit for the Democrats, it seems like there's an easy way to not only put it to rest, but fully turn it in their favor: interview the guy. From the sounds of it, if you get a microphone in his grill and start asking some even remotely left-leaning questions, he will fucking come unhinged. Al Franken played a clip of Chris Matthews (who still needs a good cock punching) questioning Miller after last night's speech, and, not surprisingly, Miller started ranting and raving. He was so pissed at Matthews, whose questions weren't tough or offensive, that he even said he wished we still lived in the days where you could challenge a man to a duel. Again, not like this comes as any surprise if you saw the speech last night, but that right there is the ticket out if the Democrats need it.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Get your RNC on, Part II

Fuck. I'm not feeling real good right about now. The first two nights of the RNC were filled with headliners who offered stuff that did a great job of exciting the crowd but didn't have much substance. Well, tonight they brought the substance.

This being politics, a world based on distortion, I use "substance" quite loosely. I mean, looser than Sylvia Saint's asshole. The reasons why I'm discouraged after day three are two-fold. One is that most people don't take the time to inform themselves to realize when things are being misrepresented, taken out of context, or just plain lied about. The other is because the Democrats never seem to do a god damn thing to make matters better. They could easily counter a lot of what happened tonight by getting up tomorrow and coming out swinging. Will they? I doubt it.

For starters, they could debunk so much of the shit Zell Miller had to talk about, but instead they'll probably just rant about how "angry" he was. And, of course, they're right on that front -- Miller was fucking belligerent, going against the supposed mood of positivity and optimism that this convention is supposed to be about. Miller came across as a bitter, angry, fucked up old man. Shit, he was me but with about a hundred years of life and political experience behind him. Bitching about how angry he was isn't going to be enough, though; they need to point out what a load much of what Miller said was. Maybe they'll get it right; again, I'm not holding my breath.

So yeah, Zell Fucking Miller. He's mad at the Democrats, even though he's a "Democrat." Yes, he has been a lifelong D, but he has most definitely been moving to the right. Despite that shift in position, people will see "Democrat" and "really angry at the Democrats and speaking at the Republican convention" and the intended effect has been achieved.

If it hasn't been achieved just with positioning, then rhetoric should help seal the deal. So much of what Miller had to say was in direct support of Team Bush's "If you're not with us, you're against us" attitude. He all but called every dissenter against Bush's policies a traitor.

Zell Miller: I've railed over and over again as to how pissed I am that Republicans time and time again have allowed their party to be dragged far to the right all in the name of "party loyalty." Your switching sides and criticizing your old party doesn't bother me. But accusing your once fellow Democrats of playing nothing but partisan politics at the expense of national security? That's fucked up.

I find it fucked up because it's an attempt at not just indicting Democrats in congress, but all those who oppose Bush -- both on the left and the right. This passive (i.e. by rhetorical as opposed to legal means) quashing of dissent is one of the many disgusting legacies that the Bush administration will leave behind, and for someone to come out pretending to still be on the left while supporting this blatantly fascist mode of operation is fucking sick.

Before anyone starts in, yes, the Democrats do play politics when it comes to national security issues. But so do the Republicans. THAT'S WHAT THEIR WHOLE FUCKING CONVENTION IS ABOUT. Jesus, one of the major themes is that Team Bush is the only one capable of successfully waging the war on terror. And, hell, just by making it the issue that he did, Zell Miller was using national security as a partisan pawn. Man, if the RNC isn't a fucking clinic in politicizing 9/11 and the war on terror, then I don't know what is.

It was kinda stupid for Miller to complain about Democrats opposing Bush, anyway. I mean, Democrats have so often gone with Bush on things. We all remember right after 9/11, where in the spirit of "being Americans," Congressional Democrats helped rubber stamp so much of what Bush wanted. Let's not forget many Democrats voting for the Iraq war. The list goes on.

So often it seems like the Democrats only stand up to Bush when they either have to in order to maintain some semblance of party ideals (like going against the gay marriage amendment), or when it's something that doesn't get a lot of attention (like fighting far-right judicial nominees). So Zell Miller's complaints about the Democrats opposing Bush aren't just infuriating, they're, in many instances, inaccurate.

Another load of total horseshit was when Miller talked about Kerry's drive for getting more international involvement when waging war abroad. Of course, in Miller's speech, it came out as something to the effect of "getting permission from Paris" to defend ourselves. That was A) a lie and B) bullshit pandering to the nonsense anti-French sentiment that just will not die in this country.

Another thing that stuck out was a long list of defense-related items that John Kerry has voted against through the years. This has come up time and time again, and many of those things that Kerry was against, Cheney was also against when he was secretary of defense. No, Cheney and Kerry haven't been side-by-side on all of it, but there is overlap. The point I'm making here is that just because you're anti-some stuff, it doesn't mean you're anti-defense. This is the kind of stuff I'm talking about -- the Democrats can point to things that, while they won't completely remove the sting of what critics like Miller have to say, could help deflate a lot of what's in speeches like the one we saw tonight. But, again, we'll hear a lot about his anger.

And this brings us to Cheney. Cheney is in some ways coming from a standpoint of no credibility in supporting Team Bush. He is Team Bush -- or, at least, one of its bigger players -- so it's no surprise that he's supporting the Administration, much that it's no surprise that Laura Bush supports her husband. As opposed to, say, a "Democrat" who's supporting Bush, which is going to have much more of an impact on people.

Still, Cheney put on a good show. Well, an adequate show. His speech got nods and applause from people who were going to nod and applaud no matter what. He praised Bush, he reminded us how important things are, he attacked Kerry.

The beginning of Cheney's diatribe on Kerry contained quite possibly the biggest moment of hypocrisy we're going to see at the RNC: saying that "we honor him" for his Vietnam service followed by tepid applause from the audience. FUCK YOU. All of you. You fucking shitheads have done nothing but revel in the Swift Boat guys shitting all over Kerry's service record. There's nothing else I can say, so again: FUCK YOU.

Cheney played the favored card of taking things out of context when he once again talked about how John Kerry wants to fight a more "sensitive" war. He's been doing this for several weeks now, and I was almost surprised that he actually used it in his convention speech since it's such a weak stance. Anyway, he punctuated it by talking about how the terrorists aren't going to be impressed by our sensitivity, blah blah blah, again, as he's been doing for weeks.

Kerry did indeed use the word "sensitive" to describe the terror war he would wage, in addition to about eight other adjectives (such as, if I recall correctly, "proactive" and "strategic"). So there's one reason why continual use of this "sensitive" comment is bullshit. Then we can add in the fact that Bush himself talked about being "sensitive" in the war on terror right after Cheney started this campaign. Then, to top it all off, Cheney finished his speech tonight by talking about Dubya's "kindness" and his sympathy for the downtrodden. Make up your mind, Dick: either sensitivity is bad or sensitivity is good. Also, I don't think that the terrorists will be impressed by George Bush's "kindness." Be careful when you say stupid shit like this; it may come across as flip-flopping.

Okay, after writing this and listening to bullshit commentary from both the left and the right, I don't feel as bad as when I started. But I'm still not in the best of moods. I just can't help but be discouraged since I know how easily people will buy into the mock substance that showed up tonight. Of course, the mock substance really doesn't matter when it comes to those people who have already made up their minds. Sure, it'll serve to further galvanize them, but at this point I don't know how much more you can pump up the base. There are those who are, or were, undecided, and that's still what worries me.
Mel Gibson's slasher flick, The Passion of the Caviezel, came out on DVD this week. I think a bunch of us need to get together and make a follow-up film, entitled The Passion of the Mel Gibson.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

It's looking more and more like something fairly drastic needs to be done. Don't do it right now during the RNC, but fucking do something. Personally, I, who doesn't know shit about shit, thinks that they need to beg Clinton to do what he can. Not Clinton's people, Clinton himself. Mix in some Hillary. What would the Clintons do? I don't fucking know, but they're fucking smart, and they're the only ones in the entire goddamn party that I have some faith in. It's probably too late for even the Clintons to do anything, but shit, we don't have much else.

If Bush does get any kind of sizable jump in the polls (yeah, those worthless polls), then it may be time to do something else: gamble. Part of the reason why we're staring down the face of this shit is because the Ds are perpetually playing it safe. Ted Rall put it best in a recent comic, and that's really about it.
Yahoo search:

fuck jesus

#7 in Yahoo's results; not bad. But, let's face it: I'm bent because I'm not #1 on that one.

Found as a result of trying this search on Google was this, which I found at least somewhat amusing.

Get your RNC on

Okay, I was going to wait until the whole convention was over to make smart-ass comments just like I did with the DNC, but tonight (day two) was too fucking funny to hold off on. I'll start with day one since it should be pretty short, and then we'll get to the main event.

Day One
I didn't see much coverage of the first day, but here's what I got out of it.

John McCain
I missed all of McCain's speech, and have only seen quick clips and subsequent interviews with him. It's still frustrating to see him stumping for Bush, but I know he's a politician -- and a conservative -- through and through. So oh effing well.

Still, I can see that in many instances, McCain is trying desperately hard to walk a fine line of moderation even when he's made it clear what side he's supporting. And maybe it was just me, but there was one portion of his speech where I could swear he was about to start crying. Now, it's probably just because it was a vigorous, emotional moment in the speech, but if that were me, I'd fucking break down knowing that I was working my ass off to support the fucking cocksucker who slimed me in the last election.

One thing that naturally made lots of news shows was when McCain mentioned Michael Moore, who was in attendance working on a column for USA Today. I don't know if McCain was just being stupid or if he was actually trying to help those of us on the left. Attention is pretty much exactly what Michael Moore wants, and did he ever get it. I did hear that he wasn't returning to the convention after that; whether or not it was because it was "Mission Accomplished," Moore pussed out, or USA Today got nervous I'm not sure.

Rudy Giuliani
Now, I'm gonna start off by saying that I like Rudy. But his speech was utter shit. Well, okay, at least what I saw of it, which was about the last half of it. I'll give him some credit for going on the offensive, but otherwise it was just a bunch of pandering rah-rah bullshit. The kind of stuff, though, that will electrify those on the right, and irritate those like me on the left. So in terms of what it was supposed to accomplish, I'd call it good. But I just can't stand a bunch of anecdotes and crap that didn't really have any kind of use, other than to kind of set the tone for things to come. Oh, and get this: he spoke, at length, about September 11th. I totally wasn't expecting that, especially not from this convention.

Odds & Ends
Things started out pretty much like I expected. September 11th being rammed down our throats, God bless America, Bush is a strong leader, yada yada. Oh, and how I love the monitors they have set up behind the podium that cycles through bullshit pictures of the speakers when it's not searing your eyes with patriotic nonsense.

Day Two
Bill Frist
I only saw a bit of Frist's speech covered in between the bullshitting of Hannity and that guy who gets paid to make Hannity look good, but there was enough of his speech covered to hear some rant about malpractice insurance for his brethren doctors. He had some anecdote about trauma surgeons taking him aside and complaining about liability insurance premiums. Some bullshit talk about threatened livelihood. Fucking trauma surgeons. Look, I don't have any clue as to how much that insurance costs, but does anyone know how much a fucking trauma surgeon makes? Enough that a trauma surgeon complaining about insurance premiums is akin to Dr. Dre complaining that music piracy is talking food out of his kids' mouths.

Arnold, much like Giuliani, had little of substance to say. He was pretty much just the Republicans' unofficial cheerleading squad for tonight. Arnold, good thing you were wearing that yellowish tie, otherwise everyone would have seen those cum stains that were running down it.

Speaking of choking, I nearly did that when he used the phrase "America's decency." But, yeah, Arnold did exactly what he needed to do, both for the Republican party as well as his own career. Another speech that irritated me (but of course it would) while accomplishing its own aims.

Also, Arnold: stop with the "girly man" bullshit. It's not as offensive as some of those uptight ninnies would have you believe, and it's not cute or clever or funny. Your use of it tonight didn't even make fucking sense.

And now, quite possibly the greatest moment ever...

The Bush Twins
I have a question: are Jenna and Barbara closet Democrats? Holy hell was that, uh, whatever the fuck you want to call it, of theirs a total disaster for Team Bush. All while watching that I was saying to myself "This isn't awkward... Yes it is."

For something that's as scripted and tightly controlled as a political convention -- especially one run by the current crop of Republicans -- how do you let an atrocity of that magnitude go down? I can't wait to see if they try and spin the Twins or just bury them as soon as possible (whether literally or figuratively).

I'm not sure what this weird feeling I'm having is, but I think it might be love. I love the Bush Twins, I love them for what dumbasses they are, I love them for the embarrassment (however minor) they've caused their father and his campaign. It's quite possible that I want to have sex with them for something more than mere spite at this point.

Once again, I'm telling you: I am so going to fuck those two. All the jokes and snide remarks they made about their parents and grandparents show that they have an ax to grind; I think they'd be up for sex with me just to piss of their families. And hey, they did open up with some joke about how Arnold marrying Maria Shriver (who's part of the Kennedy clan) gets them off the hook in case they ever end up marrying a Democrat. Now, I don't consider myself a Democrat (although I'm obviously planning on voting that way and I also registered as such so that I can have a say in the next primary since we'll undoubtedly fuck things up this year), but that's still a good sign. Even if Jenna and Barbara don't have a liberal streak in them, they sure want to.

Why the fuck did they have Bush introducing that cunt wife of his? Oh, that's right -- because Laura Bush is fucking pathetic. So goddamn pathetic that someone as low as George has to do her introduction.

Laura Bush
When I first heard that Laura was going to speak, I thought "That's... Pretty funny." They're of course parading her out there in response to the Ds having Teresa Heinz Kerry speak. Yeah, bad idea. Teresa, who we all know I'm in love with, was there because she wanted to be. That's 'cause, you know, she's got her own opinions and loves speaking her mind. Laura Bush... Is a good little wife. I don't think it does any good service to drag this weak-ass excuse for a woman out if you're trying to help the campaign, but that's just me. Maybe Republicans are comforted by docile women; I don't know.

Anyway, her speech was also a bunch of bull crap. Like the obedient wife she is, she talked at length about Bush. This, of course, is what Heinz Kerry was supposed to do for her husband before she went off on her own. Explain to me, though: how is this supposed to convince anyone of anything? It's not like Laura can be accused of having a bias or anything. Looking back, it's just as well Heinz Kerry went off on her own tangents, since any extended talk about how great she thinks John is would have just come across as hollow.

The big question Laura was supposedly there to answer was "why should I vote for your husband?" She said that "as you would imagine, I have a lot to say about that." Actually... No I wouldn't. I pretty much expect you to have nothing to say. Which brings me to my next point...

Karen Hughes, one of Bush's senior advisors, was talking before Laura's speech about how she was involved in writing the speech. Which means that Hughes wrote the speech. I'd imagine that Laura didn't want to make the speech to begin with, and she sure as hell wasn't going to write it herself. Furthermore, no one on Team Bush is going to trust her to do it, so send in the experts. Then again, they somehow trusted the Bush Twins to go up there and do what they did, so who knows what the fuck is up with them.

I found it amusing when Hughes said that Laura would be "speaking from the heart." Yeah, nothing says "from the heart" quite like "I didn't write this shit."

Overall, Laura was just fucking useless. She played lap dog and did her part, but she was in no way helpful. Big shocker there.

The Aftermath
I've mostly been watching Fox's coverage thus far because I want the full-on right-wing steaming load of horseshit. Otherwise, this convention just isn't going to feel right. The sequence of Bush women was such a mess that even conservative commentators were giving them shit. Fred Barnes, one of the editors of The Weekly Standard (AKA Neocon Weekly AKA The Fucking White House Script), even ripped Laura and the Twins a new asshole. For his commentary, he became my unlikely hero for the day.

Other Random Shit
I love Fox's camera work. Whenever someone is giving a speech that mentions minorities, you can be sure the camera will immediately pan to someone who's not white. It's like they're trying real hard to say "Look, someone on stage is talking about slavery, and we have black people here!" They do the same thing with women and whoever else. We get it, you guys are compassionate and inclusive and a friend to people who aren't rich and white and male, except that you're really not.

Some woman apparently started heckling Cheney towards the end of Arnold's speech. Apparently she was around 5'2" and put up quite a fight against the Secret Service. Whoever the hell she was, I need to find out who she was, because I might want to marry her.

So far, as I've said, things are going about as I'd expect. I'm seeing even less substance than we got from the DNC, and that's saying something. They're getting moderates to push their hard-right views. And September 11th is being exploited, but of course, that's pretty much the Republican platform. "Us! September 11th! Do the math, you cretins!"

Ugh. "Ugh," but there's no side of "ugh" thus far. Sure, it's a bunch of crap, but there was the Twins debacle. God, was that funny. I know it's not going to do anything in the long run, but I'm going to enjoy it as much as I can.

What are there, two more days to go? It's only going to get worse from here on out.
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Monday, August 30, 2004

I'm actually not posting this link just because I'm an alarmist, worry-wart ninny. For reasons that only we understand (in other words, a Carlin bit), ETP and I are required to bring up bird flu every now and then.
Yup, like we've been saying. I know it's a lot to ask for and probably won't happen, but for Christ's sake, America: don't fall for this stupid bullshit. If America really is hard-right then so be it (although I don't think we are), but don't give these guys a pass just because they put on a dog-and-pony show of moderation when they're really not.

Fuck. This convention could make or break the election. It could also do next to nothing like the DNC did for the left. But they're going into the convention with Swift Boat-fueled momentum, and those crafty Republican motherfuckers can put on a show like no one else. I'll be the first to stand up and say that, yeah, I'm more than a little bit nervous about this week. Of course, I'm always nervous about everything, but that oftentimes actually helps me get my shit in gear to get things done. I just hope that Kerry and the rest of us on the left realize what a long, hard next couple of months this is going to be and act accordingly.

But, of course, you can hope all you want in one hand and shit in the other, and see which gets filled up first.

We're in business

So I roll out of bed late like always last Friday, and I flip on the radio to listen to JFR. Instead of finding Rome's show, however, all I hear is a bunch of commercials making fun of Bush. And I'm, like, "This is awfully partisan for The Zone." Then I hear an ad that they're switching shit up on Monday, and at that point I figured it meant that Air America Radio was finally getting a major affiliate out here.

Sure enough, I turn it to 760 this morning, and it's no longer The Zone but Boulder's Progressive Talk. They are, of course, carrying Air America programming, so let's get it on.

The only thing that was going to piss me off was, where the fuck am I going to listen to Rome now? I figured that wouldn't be a big issue since Denver was one of his very first affiliates. Sure enough, he's back on 950 now, so it's all good.

Well, almost. Naturally, the one show I really want to listen to on Air America -- Al Franken -- is on at the exact same time as Rome. So now what the fuck do I do? I want my stupid liberal bullshit, but I also need my stupid sports bullshit (even though I really an not all that into sports these days; I just like listening to JFR since he's an asshole and often strays into non-sports territory). Fuck. Might have to work out some kind of schedule, or get into the habit of listening to one or the other replayed online. But at least I've got some options.