Tuesday, September 14, 2004

And now for something a little less doom-and-gloom (well, depending on how you look at it): someone actually bought one of these. I don't know who the buyer is (it wasn't anyone I know), but if they actually put this to use, then they are my fucking hero for this week. I may never sell anything ever again in that shop, but at this point I consider it a resounding success just for having sold one of the un-sellables.
For anyone like me who's a fan of a woman's right to choose, better enjoy any pro-choice victories (small or otherwise) while we can. If Bush gets a second term, I don't think there's any way that we can avoid one or more Supreme Court justices retiring (or just dying on us). Once Bush puts a right-wing, anti-abortion justice on the bench, it will only be a matter of time before anti-abortion cases with a good chance of success make their way to the Court.

Of course, that's just one thing that could potentially go south if the Supreme Court changes shape under Bush. The Democrats, I think, would actually fight hard on any far-right nominations Bush tries to make. They've fought some of Bush's more questionable nominees, although they've approved the vast majority of his other picks (something the Republicans won't tell you when they cry "unconstitutional!" over a handful of filibusters). I would hope they'd step up to the plate if the Supreme Court were at stake, but you never know. Plus, even if the Ds fight any nominations, Team Bush will just find a way to install whoever they want anyway.

Why the Democrats aren't making a bigger deal of the Supreme Court issue is beyond me. Well, I suppose the idea of the Supreme Court and what it does is kinda abstract and far-removed for most people, but of course, most people are stupid.
Yeah, and it looks like someone spent about a bajillion minutes compiling worthless statistics.

"Economists and social scientists hope the study can be used as a first step toward putting a dollar amount on unpaid work to help measure total economic output, income and productivity -- as well as gauge Americans' quality of life."

I know what this line makes you want to say. "Wo ho ho, Bitter Little Man! See? It's not all worthless!" Yes it is; it's still fucking stupid. Here's the deal: if you do anything that heavily involves statistics, you're a loser and your job sucks. Whatever you produce is meaningless. Quantum mechanics is exempt because A) these are my bullshit rules and B) quantum is fucking harsh.
Say what you want about China, but they apparently don't fuck around when it comes to corporate criminals. Now, I'm not saying that we should start executing corporate crooks, but... Yes I am. I'm saying that we should start executing corporate crooks.
I'm decidedly less optimistic than I was the night Bush gave his speech. Go figure that that would die out. It's probably due in part to the fact that it's just way too late for people on the left to be telling Kerry things like this. It's not bad that people are telling him this stuff, it's bad that Kerry just doesn't seem to get it.

The only hope I have for a turnaround at this point is the debates. I'm hoping that Kerry can at least show what a fucking retard Bush is. Of course, people in this country identify with retards. After all, the debates did nothing to help Gore, and in lots of ways hurt him. People see Gore, who's at least reasonably intelligent but rather wooden (although his dry sense of humor fucking kicks ass -- no sarcasm for once), and then they see Bush, a man who makes them feel better about their own low intellect.

Yeah, we're screwed.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Taking a cue from events like the Reichstag fire and 9/11, Vladimir Putin is using recent shocking events to make a move.
"In Vietnam George Bush had an exit strategy."
- Bill Maher on why Iraq isn't Vietnam
AOL search:

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Yeah, nothing says romance like... Dog fucking.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

I haven't updated the sailor schoolgirl site in, I dunno, about a hundred years, so I got on that today. Like usual, I'd apologize, but it's not like anyone has been clamoring for updates. I just keep letting things fall by the wayside there, and not just out of laziness. The thing is, traffic there is pretty much self-sustaining thanks to a few semi-permanent links I've gotten out there in addition to search engines. As such, I can go a month-and-a-half without doing shit and traffic is still just fine. As opposed to this site, where if I go more more than six seconds without posting traffic dies.

One reason I haven't been too motivated to update is because I've already burned through quite a few of the sets that I wanted to post. I'm picking up a new sailor girl set somewhere online every now and then, but not as many as I'd hope for. One might think that I've just got all of the sailor schoolgirl stuff out there, but one doesn't know about Japan if that's the case. It's more on the scanning community than on me or Japan, as far as I'm concerned. Scanners: get on it.

Part of the issue here isn't necessarily that I don't have stuff to post, it's just that a lot of what I've got in stock right now is just random collections of images, as opposed to a full series of one girl or other. I've always been a big fan of series pics, because it's nice having multiple shots of the same model to jerk off to. I like to look at that as having a sense of commitment. Still, I have some ideas to incorporate the mish-mash of non-series stuff that I've got. Maybe if the well runs completely dry I'll bust some of that out.

Another reason why I'm not very inclined to do updates is because most of my sailor schoolgirl stuff is on my desktop machine, which I have barely used at all ever since I got wireless going at home. It's a pain in the ass to go upstairs, turn that fucker on, and wait as it heats up that entire floor of the house (it's running on a Thunderbird Athlon; anyone familiar with those bad boys knows just how thermally well-behaved they are) just to add a new gallery. Okay, this particular reason sounds suspiciously like laziness.

Speaking of laziness, John and I have been tossing around ideas for a new site, but you know how things go when it comes to us getting a project up and running. Did someone say 7%?

So yeah, that's what's been up with all that. For anyone with such leanings, have fun with the lastest update.

Rock you like a hurricane

Note to news organizations: I don't give a fuck about all these bloody hurricanes. At least, not to the point you think I should. You don't need to be covering them non-stop, up the ass, in a row, back-to-back, like this. Hey, we all like seeing others suffering and shit being destroyed. But enough already. The only people who have a burning need to know about the hurricanes don't need pictures on TV; they're stuck looking at it out their windows.

I had some interest in one the first big one, the one they called The VC, since it was potentially going to hit close to some relatives. But that's about it when it comes to my interest, and I didn't need to see stuff about any of the hurricanes plastered all over everything.

Seriously, the past few weeks have been nothing but hurricanes and Republicans. There's only so much human misery that I can take before I'm out.
For some reason, this Penny Arcade strip keeps coming up in conversation.