Sunday, November 28, 2004

Google searches:

pork fuck

These two search hits showed up in my referral log back-to-back. When I saw the first one, I was like "Who the hell gets so angry at pork that they have to go out and do a Google search over it?" But then I saw the second one and I was like "Ohhhh, I get it." The odd thing about these two searches, though (seeing as how pork fucking isn't considered "odd" around here) is that they came from two completely different IP addresses, but they were both from Italy. Now, maybe someone was just switching between proxy servers or something to make it harder for anyone to track their extra-curricular pork love desires, or maybe there were actually two people in Italy around the same time who were looking for (probably) the same thing. Is this related to some Italian holiday that I don't know about? Perhaps their answer to Thanksgiving here in the states? You know, we stuff a turkey, they stuff some pork? Sounds about right.