Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Anybody follow any of the confirmation hearings for Condoleezza Rice? What a fucking waste of time that whole charade is. I mean, we all know which way Republicans are going to vote. But then you have pretty much every Democrat conceding that she's just going to get confirmed anyway once it goes on to the full Senate. Thanks for nothing, guys. The Democrats should just change their name to the Rubber Stamp Party and get it over with.

Two Democrats on the Foreign Relations committee voted against approving Rice -- Barbara Boxer of California and relatively unknown John Kerry from Massachusetts. Boxer kinda tried to pick a fight, but as usual, it's too little, too late. I also liked Rice's request to "refrain from impugning my integrity." And I'm like, fuck you, bitch. Fuck all you bitches. None of you have any goddamn integrity, from Condi to Barb to the rest of that room to the whole fucking town. So get off it already.

So cute to see John Kerry trying to do something. It's like, Jesus Christ, John. You're not running for anything anymore, so just fucking go after her, you god damn pussy. How does it feel to not be getting inaugurated tomorrow?

It doesn't really matter to me one way or another if Condi gets installed at State -- if she didn't, someone else close to the administration would be. But the Democrats could at least put up some kind of a fight, or do a better job of pointing out how lame it is for someone so close to Bush to be getting the job over there. I do at least have confidence that Rice is both smart as well as capable, and good or bad, she won't be the pussy that Colin Powell was.

Let's move on to rubber stamping Torture Guy, shall we?

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