Sunday, January 30, 2005

Oh yeah, then there was this that I read which I meant to comment on. Hey, I fucking hated having to do shit over the summer back when I was in high school, but you know what? I sucked it up and did it. At the last minute. Just like everyone else. Hey, we got to enjoy almost the entire summer, and we still got our shit done. Any little dipshit who hasn't figured out this really quite simple formula should be set on fire.

"It didn't completely ruin my summer, but it did give me a lot of undue stress both at home and at work."

Oh, boo fucking hoo. Just wait until you graduate and get out into the real world. Or you get set on fire.

"These students are still children, yet they are subjected to increasing pressure to perform to ever-higher standards in numerous theaters."

Theaters? Hey, this is giving me a great idea. Once they fire the draft back up, can we get Peer to be first in line to get shipped out? What the fuck kind of name is Peer, anyway?

Larson and his son had acted as their own legal counsel.

Anybody who knows even the slightest about the legal profession knows what that means. I really hope that these people do get assfucked for filing frivolous claims. And set on fire.

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