Thursday, January 20, 2005

With a little love...

I suspect that virtually no-one checks the Fe guestbook (and I mean, why would you, unless you want to read shit worse than what I normally write), but a new gem showed up today from someone who goes by the name of Elisa:

I want to poop on the heads of anyone who belongs to or endorses the ACLU or Planned Parenthood (what a joke- like anyone who goes there thought about parenthood before hand) They are baby murdering scumbags.

I'm not sure if Elisa put "10" in the site rating field to express her opinion on my site or her age. I think it's the latter, because otherwise, I really can't see anyone outside of Triumph the Insult Comic dog (or Eminem) talking about their desire to "poop" on anyone else. Yeah, calling it "Planned Parenthood" is a bullshit euphemism, but I make no secret of being down with the baby killers all the same. I'm also a fan (in many cases, at least) of nigger-loving ACL-Jew (please go check your Onion archives to explain that one). I mean, really. The American CIVIL LIBERTIES Union. What a bunch of fuck-offs for defending one of the things we hold (or held) most dear. So clearly, the "10" was not intended to express approval for my site.

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