Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Heaven for climate, Hell for society

I hope the Pope just fucking dies already. And honestly, I'm saying this out of kindness. That man is so old and so screwed up that I think he would be much better off dead than he is alive. Would you want to have every ailment under the sun on top of his schedule? Even if things have been scaled back due to age and illness, I'm sure he's a busy guy spreading all that superstitious nonsense. Speaking of nonsense, man, I am going to renew my claim that those Catholics are sick ass bastards, making someone be Pope until the day they die, no matter how fucked up they are health-wise. It is so sad watching a dumb animal suffer like that.

Okay, yes, I say that he should die partly out of maliciousness. I mean, he is, after all, a very ignorant man -- he's Catholic. But he's not just any ol' Catholic, he is the Catholic, and that definitely gets you a +5 modifier on ignorance.

I don't know how they will determine the next Pope, but if it's like, say, the Fed chairmanship, there are several candidates out there, all vying for their chance to be Pope. And this is what really amuses me about the whole deal; you just know that there are some serious assholes out there who want the Pope to die just so they can benefit personally. Sure, I'm looking to benefit in terms of laughter at the expense of a sick, dying old man, but at least I'm not looking to further my career through his dying. And besides, they do say that laughter is the best medicine, something the Pope can surely appreciate right about now.

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