Thursday, February 03, 2005

Hey, so remember when someone bought one of these, and I was like, I'm perfectly happy if I never sell anything in there ever again, because I sold one of the "Unsellables"? Well, if not for a recent purchase by someone, that very well could have happened. Thanks for everything, fuckers.

Anyway, the recent purchaser bought one of these shirts, which is great. Honestly, I just put that little slogan on the shirt because that's exactly what I was thinking at the time I read it was "organic cotton." So mad props to someone for buying something that I made on a whim, because, let's face it, that really is a great thing to put on a shirt.

Inspired by the, I dunno, ten cents in commission I'll get off of that sale, I decided to add a couple more t-shirts. Once again, I just went with my first reaction to the product, and I suspect that these too will not be hot sellers. Here's door number one and number two. Maybe I'll really get on it and start adding more stuff that's really funny over the next few days so you can fail to buy those products as well.

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