Saturday, March 12, 2005

Blitzwing and Astrotrain would like to have a word with you

Another thing I've gotten sick of is the continual rape of The Transformers. Every successive show they come out with is total bullshit. I have seen nothing but a string of shit like this which has me saying stuff like "That's not Optimus Prime."

Yes, I know, these cocksuckers have to make money, because that's what they do. But why do they always have to do it at the expense of something that actually matters? Yes, in this world of war, poverty, disease, corruption, pollution, etc., the Transformers are important, goddammit.

Other than the Takara re-releases and the toy commercials I know and love (i.e., the TV series from the 80s) being released on DVD, the only thing I've been satisfied with when it comes to advancing the franchise are the Binaltech series. I've brought this up before; it's the series of Transformers that they're making which are based on modern cars. Well, I'm happy with the Japanese versions, as opposed to the cheap American versions (known as "Alternators") which have plastic instead of the die-cast parts found on their Japanese counterparts. Okay, there are some things I object to with this series, like the Ford Mustang that they're calling Grimlock. Look, Me Grimlock is a half-witted dinosaur, okay? Otherwise, though, you guys are good on that front.

... some of the new Cybertron toys have a special "triple change" feature, which enables the toys to switch into three different modes.

Wow, that's amazing! We've never had Transformers that could change into three different modes before! Fucking dipshits.

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