Saturday, April 23, 2005

The endless stream of bullshit that will come from all the ninnies will of course be annoying, but I don't care. This is a pretty clever idea. No escaping that the stems out there are going to start spouting their "What about the children!" nonsense, of course (as they already have). I'm hoping Midway made this game with the specific intent of pissing all those fuckers off.

That's the dangerous message: Drugs are OK, just don't overdo it.

Uhhh, isn't that true? Okay, I'll admit that I'm not really up to speed (no pun intended) when it comes to illegal drugs, but I know there's plenty of stuff out there that's just fine in moderation. Sure, some stuff you probably don't want in any amount, but the same can be said about legal shit, too. It's all nonsense anyway, and it's not like I'm breaking new ground with this. Liquor, cigarettes, and prescription drugs are okay, but that other stuff isn't. Alright.

As a quick aside, I really want to develop a prescription drug habit someday, because that strikes me as being the real high-class drug addition, and as we all know I'm down with yuppie crap.

"Prozac doesn't want to go up against marijuana it will lose."
- Bill Maher

"You get high?"
"I should start."
- Jay and Dante, Clerks

And this isn't really a quote, but Carlin's album Toledo Window Box.

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