Sunday, April 17, 2005

It does what NintenDon't

Another game we busted out last night was Sonic The Hedgehog 2, part of the Sonic clusterfuck that you can buy nowadays for various systems. I haven't touched that game in years so I was sucking it up and couldn't get past the Metropolis Zone, thanks to those goddamn praying mantises and fucking Lobstra. Still, that level has quite possibly the coolest background music ever. It's right up there with the music for the first stage of Blaster Master. The Chemical Plant Zone's music is fucking harsh, too, but I'm not linking it because I've done enough for you as it is.

Just to pass on a link, this page has a bunch of MP3s from a handful of games. You have to go into their forums to get a username/password, but it's pretty painless (just click the post with the most recent date).

Also, does it fuck with anyone else that Sega now makes games that you can play on Nintendo?

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