Saturday, April 02, 2005

Osco is still around?

I think the law should be extended so that if a pharmacist refuses to fill a prescription based on stupid religious beliefs (but I repeat myself), the pharmacist should not only be punished by fine and whatnot, but you should also get to punch him hard in the nuts. If it's a she or just some guy without balls, you should be able to tape nads on he/she/it like you do with all your action figures and then punch them hard.

I always get kinda weirded out when I discover that stores and other places I thought were long since dead still exist in other locales. Like when I found an Alco store in Canon City. Or one time I was in some shithole Utah town (like there's any other kind in that state) on my way to Vegas, and in that town I saw a Sizzler... Right across the street from a Godfather's Pizza. I can't remember what the name of that town was, but it really was a place that time forgot. Their Subway didn't have red wine vinaigrette sauce or provolone cheese, for Christ's fucking sake! I was sure to give the girl making my sandwich a hard time about it, which I'm sure she appreciated. Fucking Mormons.

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