Tuesday, May 24, 2005

First we had dancing for God, and now we apparently have gaming for God. Fantastic. Oh, and if you don't get the whole "dancing for God" thing, hey, I fucked fruit.

"We also pray for God's unyielding protection for our company..."

Fuck you. If God exists, which He probably doesn't, He isn't going give a flying fuck about your shitty company. Your God, who is supposedly so special, doesn't even give a shit about eight-year-old little girls. No, the typical jokes aren't coming. I don't understand how people can believe in a just and caring god when truly awful shit like that is allowed to happen. "God works in mysterious ways!" Fuck God and his shitty ways. What kind of a fucking evil piece of shit asshole do you have to be to allow that kind of stuff to happen? Like I said, I'm not convinced that there is any kind of supreme being, but plenty of people are. How can you actually take your shit seriously?

As always I've covered this before, but there are really only three possibilities that I can see when it comes to this whole God bullshit: there is no god, there is a god and god doesn't care, or there is a god and god is an asshole. There is just no goddamn way that there is a god who both loves us and has some kind of active hand in our lives, otherwise we wouldn't see shit like a little girl getting abducted and then sexually assaulted and buried alive within sight of her own home.

This also made me sick from the second article:

"She's 8 years old. Isn't that the most beautiful thing you've ever heard?"

Ummm, no, you stupid bitch. Yeah, that's so beautiful that she had to be raped and left for dead just to have a Jesus moment. Okay, okay, I'm sure this is partly because woman is just trying to cope, but still. I had to say something. I also find it sad that the poor girl has been bullshitted into believing that nonsense, but you know, if it helps her cope in some way, I guess for once I'll look on the bright side. But only this once.

Hopefully they'll just kill that kid who did that to her. Or maybe not; life in prison for a child sex offender is in just about every way better. But there's a part of me that says just kill him and get it over with. I'm torn on this one, really.

Okay, back to some less serious nonsense with the first article:

"No blood, no guts, no gore."

Well, if you're worried about kids being exposed to blood and gore and other atrocities, better keep them away from the Bible.

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