Sunday, May 01, 2005

I guess I was wrong and -- if I'm to believe the bastion of quality that is CNN -- there has been a big story these past couple of days. I know people are gonna be all fascinated by this, but I don't see why anyone would should give a fuck. Some crazy cunt doesn't want to get married so she runs off and makes up this elaborate story about getting kidnapped. Yay, time to wet ourselves with excitement over the stupid crap. Seriously, that woman has got to be off her rocker, at least if that picture of her is any indication.

And how about the shot of the fiance? I'm guessing there are about a million thoughts and emotions going through his head, and that sometime after finding out his non-bride-to-be was found OK, he could be heard muttering a bunch of mostly incoherent crap but still audibly saying something including "snap that bitch's neck." You know, or maybe I'm just projecting. I hope this goes away soon, but it won't.

"She says the wedding is not called off, just postponed."

Right. If this marriage ends up going through anytime soon, yeah, I'm guessing it'll be a pretty solid union. And if they're even allowed to marry, then fuck that. Stupid fucks can get hitched, but better not let those fags get married and sully the fine institution of marriage!

.. she "needed some time alone" before the wedding.

We all need time alone, but we usually don't worry throngs of people and tie up police resources just to get that time alone. All joking aside, this woman most likely needs some serious help in one form or another.

On a completely unrelated note that has a purpose which you will not see, Bill O'Reilly used to host Inside Edition, not A Current Affair.

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