Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Since the threat from Rhythm Nation has been ameliorated, we should shift our efforts in the area of round-the-clock, border-to-border saturation bombing towards people like the Parents Television Council. Look, I don't really care to see Paris Hilton (I'll get back to you when she's as hot as everyone apparently thinks she is, as opposed to just some skank), and seeing her doesn't really make me want to have a burger. Well, that is unless if it's made out of her stupid dog.

Seriously, you go girl:

Carl's Jr.'s message to the PTC: "Get a life."

And of course, the usual litany of shit:

The PTC's main objection is that unlike a television program, parents have no way of knowing when the Paris Hilton Spicy Burger ad is going to appear on TV, and cannot steer their children away from it.

Shut up...

Caldwell says that because the ad is airing during sports programs, and FOX's "OC", which are heavily watched by teens, it promotes sexuality to an audience that might not be ready for it.

Shut up...

"It's difficult to gauge how children are going to react to this."

Shut up.

Okay, lightning round: teens are going to have sex no matter what you do, this cannot harm kids in any substantial way unless if they're retarded, fuck you and do some goddamn parenting every once in awhile.

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