Thursday, May 12, 2005

So back in the day, I used to post. A lot. As a result, the main column of my front page was huge. It more than easily dwarfed all the crap on the sidebar. That isn't happening anymore, so a change has been needed for quite some time. I clearly couldn't get rid of the contact info, because oh-so-many people have gotten in touch with me. I'm not going to remove the guestbook or its links, because we know what a bastion of enlightenment that has been (and will continue to be). Remove the J-List ads? Nope. Sellout. Can't get rid of the "Praise" section just because. I'm not changing my archiving frequency, even though monthly makes more sense for current posting frequencies.

So you know what suffers? Well, more specifically, who: the readers. I long since gave up on trying to keep up with the handful of new linkers that show up every now and then. By the time Technorati got their shit together and made it feasible again, I just didn't care. But that list I had already built up has gotten fucking intractible, so it has come time to clean a lot of those links out. Not all of them, but quite a few. For anyone getting dropped, don't think of this as, ah, you know what? Fuck it. I think we're all much more comfortable with me just leaving things at "ungrateful bastard."

But like I said, they're not all gone. Some 'blogs have kind of an emeritus status thanks to their owners for one reason or another. Some 'blogs stick around just because I like the title. Yes, as always, I'm playing some favorites. Aside from that nonsense, my main policy from here on out is to put 'blogs up there for linkers who actually contribute to this shitpile I call Fuck everything in the form of comments, e-mails, whatever. I tried to remember people who have commented or done something in fairly recent memory, but there's a chance that I may have forgotten some shit since my memory's not what it used to be. You know, they say that masturbation will cause hair to grow on your palms, but apparently it causes hair to grow on your brain.

If for some reason you actually care and you're all bent that you got removed unfairly, feel free to make your case. Don't worry, sucking my dick isn't as bad as it might initially sound.

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