Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Do you have other big watches or just that one?

Random shit:
  • You know what I just downloaded? The video for "Sledgehammer." Holy shit is that a crappy video. All videos from back then blew ass. Most videos from now blow ass, too, even though someone was obviously trying and a bunch of money was spent. Except for that Ludacris video. You don't know me like that!
  • Fuck, why did it take until just now to think to go and download that video?
  • EDIT: Holy shit, that video is even better with all the fucking swearing in tact! Fucking hate MTV.
  • I was just reading that Midway's upcoming Blitz football game is going to include, as a playable character, none other than Ron Mexico.
Okay, that might be it for now. I've been up for 31 hours and I'm not even sure how I can type at this point.

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