Saturday, June 11, 2005

In dork news, Apple decided that it's going to start using Intel chips in their boxes. That's pretty funny. For a good number of the Mac fanboys, I think this would be about equivalent to BMW deciding they were going to start making front-wheel drive cars. BMW isn't, but Apple is, and that makes me laugh because all those frothing-at-the-mouth die-hard Mac users are shitting themselves, backpedaling, and doing all kinds of other fun stuff. They will continue to fellate Steve Jobs because they're already in too deep (no pun intended, especially since Steve is the one who's in deep), but they might not like it as much.

Seriously, I'll bet that a lot of the decisions Appla makes are on a dare. "I dare you to see if they'll buy into this." I all but guarantee that, at least before this Intel debacle, Steve Jobs could have gotten on stage at one of the big Mac conventions, taken a huge dump on stage, said it's Apple's new product, the iShit, and Mac fanboys and evangelists would eat it up, literally and figuratively.

I think the first line of this article really puts it best. Something similar could probably be said for the Linux community (keeping in mind that I am a huge Linux fan; I like the OS and concepts but I hate many of those involved), but that's another discussion for another time. I just love Mac Observer's tag line, too -- "You'll be getting your Mac news here from now on." I think for the first time I really understand why women are turned on by confidence.

Another sad note that I will only care about is that the end of the line has been reached for HP's PA-RISC line of microprocessors. Yet another venerated architecture falling thanks to fucking Itanium. Itanium which, quite frankly, is just a dumb idea. "Hey, let's put it all in the hands of the compiler writers!" Yeah, that's a good idea -- let the software people take care of it. So yeah. Alpha, PA-RISC, Itanic, fucking weak.

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