Saturday, July 09, 2005

I fail to see where the "bad parenting" comes in with regards to this. Isn't Canada supposed to be better about stuff like that? Or am I just mixing them up with Europe when they're in fact as dumb as we are? I have it on authority that the age of consent there is 14 -- and I'm trying to refrain from the usual comments -- so that at least shows that they are a bit more liberal about things there. Oh, nevermind. It would help if I read the article thoroughly and saw that it happened here in the US of Stupid, not in Canada. Look, it's late, and I'm tired.

Pharris said after being arrested that she tried to do something special for her son.

See? That's a pretty nice gesture. This kid, and his friends, had to be thinking "best mom ever!" Okay, it's kinda creepy when mom is getting her kid a stripper, but it could be creepier. Like one time when I was watching one of those "America Undercover" specials on HBO, and a mom took her son to a whorehouse in Nevada so he could lose his virginity. That's creepy.

Anyway, enough creepiness:

"We even had grandpa there," she said.

See? Everyone fucking wins! I honestly don't see the crime here. Weird, yeah, but what more does a 16-year-old boy want more than to see some titties? They got the kid what he wanted; leave them alone.

Speaking of 14-year-olds and sex, Google search:

is it illegal to fuck a 14 year old

You may as well just turn yourself in if you're looking to Google for legal advice. If nothing else, you should at least be hitting if you must insist on asking questions of this nature. I honestly can't believe I've never linked that site before.

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