Monday, July 04, 2005

Like usual, this is nothing but Puritanism that wastes a bunch of fucking time. If a female teacher shows up with her breasts totally exposed or a male teacher shows up with his schlong hanging out, that might be a problem. Well, except in the case of the female teacher and her male students should the teacher be attractive.

District 11 in Colorado Springs, Colorado...

Big shocker finding the Springs involved in this article.

... hair curlers are disallowed in Harris County...


School administrators say inappropriate dress is most often an issue with younger teachers, whose trendy clothing and casual style can make it hard to distinguish them from their students.

Uhhh, you can usually distinguish teachers -- even the younger ones -- from their students by picking out the lone adult amongst a bunch of kids. The only place this could almost be relevant is with a very young teacher or student teacher who's in charge of older high schoolers. Really, though, this one is just a pathetic excuse for being uptight.

"I don't think I'm taken as seriously if I'm dressed down and I don't think I take my job as seriously if I'm dressed down," he said. "When I dress more professionally, I think I teach better, I think I'm received better, and I think I show more respect for my profession."

When I first read this particular quote, I was like, that's all fucking stupid. Your teaching ability is based on what clothes you're wearing? Wow, if that's not the sign of a shitty teacher, then I don't know what is. I dunno if you're going to be "received better" since these are kids you're dealing with and not other professionals. And the notion of showing "more respect" for your profession is just some arbitrary nonsense that you and a bunch of others just made up. But once I got through all that, I went back and re-read that he's a fucking BAND TEACHER, which means that the man is a total joke to begin with.

But the school board still does not allow Capri pants because those stop only around the midcalf.

I'm almost OK with this since Capri pants are fucking stupid. What are you, preparing for the flood, lady? Either pick out some pants or pick out some shorts and get on with it already.

In Houston, the Aldine Independent School District's policy is cut-and-dried... Their sideburns cannot extend beyond the earlobe.

But can they be triangle shaped?

I'd love it if one of these days this country stopped getting hysterical over irrelevant shit just for the sake of getting hysterical. Maybe we oughta be more concerned with how teachers are teaching as opposed to what they're wearing. I don't think it takes a genius to see when something really crosses the line (as with the aforementioned cock example), but otherwise, leave these fucking people alone and let them do their jobs. Hey, I know what'll make these cretins happy: just force all teachers to wear burqas. Freedom is on the march!

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