Monday, July 04, 2005

Okay, this article is worth it just for the joke about the Air Force in one of the opening paragraphs, but it also gives me yet another chance to make fun of fat people. I mean, seriously, who cares if people are too fat to join up? Or too fat to stay in service? These people sound like perfect front-line candidates to me. Then everyone else can be a part of Operation: Get Behind the Fatties.

USARIEM, as it is known...

Is US'ARIEM run by a guy they call Dr. Van Gelder, by any chance? I'm just asking.

"We now try to return them better than when they joined the Army with the promise that they will 'be all they can be."

Yeah, assuming that you don't send them home dead. What they've got going thanks to shit like Iraq is one helluva weight loss program.

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