Friday, July 15, 2005

So I'm guessing that someone is over-compensating for the fact that he masturbates thinking of and/or looking at 9-year-old boys. This gem was, not surprisingly, in response to my post on that 11-year-old girl who pitched a perfect Little League game. I don't normally respond to comments in this manner, but one as insightful as this one deserves further study.

I think you are sick...

Thanks for nothing, asshole. If you'd have shown up way earlier, you could have saved me the trouble of finding a therapist.

... and just to let you know if you run a google search on pedo's you come up.

First off, I think you want to say "pedos," not "pedo's." Will you people learn to get fucking apostrophes correct? Yes, there are some cases that I even have trouble with, but this is not one of them. I can tell that Mr. Shae is not trying to imply ownership of anything, nor is he trying to form some kind of contraction.

I went and did a Google search for "pedos," "pedophile, "pedophiles," and even "pedophile blog." I didn't show up on the first several pages of any of those searches, so if you were to find me in any of those lists, you'd have to dig pretty fucking deep. Assuming that you actually did perform such a search, that also leads me to question: did you do this check after finding my page, or did you find my page as a result of doing one of these searches? If it was the latter, hmmmm, I wonder what kind of search you were doing that brought you here? I doubt it could be related to the kind of search that normally brings one here. And before you ask, this was unfortunately gone from my referral list before I got a chance to check it out. Damn you free Sitemeter!

... 11 year old girls are just girls...

No they're not. Sure, some of them are just girls, but some of them are girls who can pitch a perfect game. There's a difference.

... not something for you to jerk off too...

"To," not "too," fuckhole. God, if you're going to call my ass down, learn to use the proper words and punctuation, you dipshit. Now, to your point: who made you Grand Decisioner of What People Can and Cannot Jerk Off Too (sic)? Depending on your local laws, yes, there are bounds to where you can and cannot jerk off, and restrictions on what what witnesses you may have to the deed. But no matter how unsavory it might be, you can think about whatever you want when you wax your carrot. I don't see anyone giving you a hard time about those little boys you seem to enjoy so much. Well, except for me, but you started it.

... you faggot... go to hell and rot you peice of faggot shit

"I" before "e," dumbass. Using the word "faggot" not once but twice in reference to me seems to be implying that this guy thinks I'm a homosexual. But let's break this down. He's accusing me (me!) of masturbating to 11-year-old girls. Girls. I'm a guy. Allegedly masturbating over girls. I dunno, but that doesn't sound too faggoty to me. There are plenty of other things you could call it, but gay isn't one of them.

Thinking about it, though, maybe Shae is just a concerned guy. He's worried about sick fucks like me harming children. And let's face it, I am a danger. I rarely leave the house except for work where I am surrounded by men. When I do go out, I seek to avoid as much contact as I can with outsiders. I stand 5'3" and weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of 130 lbs. Basically, I'm a brick shithouse. Either that, or, quite a few kids are already as tall as me by the time they're 11. It should be pretty easy for me to overpower them, that's for sure. And it's not like it would be easy for them to simply kick or punch me in the nuts when I try and pull something, even if they're small. Oh, and then there's the fact that once I abduct them, I'll be driving off in my red fucking BMW, which surely, no one will notice.

But yeah, Shae could just be a concerned citizen. Maybe a dad to an 11-year-old himself. Well, with refined rhetoric such as his, I sure as hell hope he's not a parent. I'm gonna get him one of these Onion t-shirts just in case. And you know what? What kinda name is Shae, anyway? Sounds kinda fruity to me.

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