Thursday, August 25, 2005

Alright, so the sailor schoolgirl site is kinda hosed at the moment. When I saw that traffic numbers were a little low (a mere 1,500 or so hits yesterday), I was like, shit, is one of the indexes down? And sure enough, not one, but two of them were fucked. Thanks, Angelfire assholes. They just periodically decide that some of my indexes are in violation of their terms of service -- of course, they can't even be bothered to send you an auto-generated form e-mail saying why you got shut down. Or that you were shut down at all. This is the kind of service I'm paying zero dollars for? What a bunch of shit.

Irritatingly, Index 1 (the "main" page) was one of the ones that got canned, along with Index 2. Index 1 is back up and running at the above-linked URL; I'll get 2 back online at some point. I really need to get my shit together and just pay for some hosting at some point, but of course, I'm trying to cut back on the frivolous bullshit expenditures, unless if it's for the house or car (that doesn't exactly make it good, but c'mon -- I need decent furniture and good stuff to clean my car with). If I do go with a real hosted site, I'm thinking of going with Doteasy at this point. Two packages under $10 a month, and with the "expensive" one offering 20GB and unlimited bandwidth, that's practically free. I dunno how good they are as a service, but they seemed to serve The Crapmaster fairly well.

Another thing holding me back from setting up a decent site that shouldn't be in as much danger of getting shut down is the fact that I've got some street cred with the Angelfire sites, and if I put together something new, I might have to do some rebuilding of those traffic numbers (but probably not). Go do a Google image search for some of the girls I have galleries of -- I am the source on a lot of them. I come up so high in image searches that the other night when I was wondering if I had a gallery of this one model, I didn't go to my website and scan through the list -- I just did an image search, and when I didn't show at the top of the results, I knew I didn't have a gallery of her.

I was actually thinking of updating the site tonight until I checked traffic and saw that something was awry. Maybe I will someday soon for those who give a shit; as always, I'll post something here if there's a new hottie to beat off over.

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