Sunday, August 14, 2005

Okay, so I don't talk a whole lot of sports here because, despite being a guy, I don't care. For the 3,785th year in a row, baseball season is over early. At least the Cubs didn't give it any kind of a seemingly real shot before tanking like a couple of years ago, and other than a winning streak a couple of months back that gave us hope they pretty much just tanked. Football has pretty much been over since John Elway and Terell Davis left (yes, for those unfamiliar, I follow Chicago baseball and Denver football). Mike Shannahan is not the genius we once thought he was, as like all "great" coaches he was just a decent coach with Hall of Fame players. Jake Plummer is not going to get shit done for us, but I do want to have this conversation some day:

Me to some other fuck: They call him Jake... The Snake.
Jake Plummer: Nobody calls me that.

As ETP has pointed out, I still amusingly end up knowing a lot about what's going on in the sports world. Not because I care, but because I learn all kinds of minutiae from listening to Jim Rome. Actually, I haven't been listening much lately, either because I'm always getting up too late or because I keep forgetting about the show. Then there's the fact that Rome is on his yearly vacation streak right now, having taken two two-week vacations recently. And hey, that's fair. As he said, he took two weeks off, he worked for three, so it's time for another two weeks off. Anyway, I really don't care to listen when there's someone guest hosting. I am pretty pissed that I missed the Sklar brothers guest hosting recently, because those guys are funny. Maybe I should tune in sometime when Andrew Siciliano is guest hosting, though, because he might be funny. Here were a couple of nuggets that they had posted on JFR's site from the most recent show which Siciliano hosted. Here was his comment on Terell Owens:

"T.O. needs to shut his mouth and play football."

There are a lot of things that can, and have, been said about Terell (again, pronounce it Tuh-rell, not Tear'll, because that pisses him off) Owens, but this is the simplest and most succinct. I don't know much about what goes on in the NFL, but I do know that Owens is a fucking dipshit. There's no doubt that the guy plays well and plays fucking hard -- I mean the man re-habbed a broken leg in like three days to come back and be an actual contributor for his team in the Super Bowl. But man, not a day goes by where it's not some stupid bullshit coming from him. Oh, and he believes in God and Jesus and stuff, so that makes him even stupider.

Then there was this from Siciliano:

Jim Rome will be back in the Jungle on Monday and somebody called during Friday's show and said, "Andrew, this is the first time I've ever gotten through. Thanks for taking my call."

I wonder if it really counts. Like we're still doing the show, but does it really count if you get on the air and Jim Rome isn't here? Can you say you actually made it through? Does it really count if Romey isn't here?

Some people consider it a badge of honor to be able to get on the Jim Rome Show, but I'm filling in and my name isn't Jim Rome.

Isn't this like pulling a prank on the substitute teacher? Does it even count?

Some poor schmuck is all happy that he finally got on the air, and Siciliano just totally takes a dump all over it. That's funny.

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