Saturday, August 13, 2005

With all due respect to many of the Jap "shitboxes" out there... And that entire group of people I just slandered (twice).

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That 330i is so agile that it's not even funny. Like I said, I still suck at launches from a dead-stop, and even with that higher weight the 7er can fucking move. This is coupled with the fact that the way the 3 Series is set up, it's not good for drag racing -- and this is an opinion coming from people who know shit about shit, not just me making excuses. But once I get into traffic and have to start maneuvering, I am king. Apparently. Man, that was fucking fun. I really, really shouldn't be doing that. And it's not like I'm going to make a habit of it -- but the 7er wanted some, so like the smart kid that I am I took the bait. Assholes represent. And my girl more than held her own against a $70,000 machine. No no no, let me specify -- a $70,000 BMW. She didn't fall back until I decided, okay, time to go back to being a pussy since we're a little too close to downtown and potential speed traps, which at 100 even my radar detector might not be too much of a help with. But still -- that was fucking great. Hey, no tickets, no one died, no accidents, and some guy in a Lancer got to pretend he was someone.

I am so hard on that poor car, but I just can't help it. I guess I'm one of those guys who shows his love through abuse. Hey, if she didn't like it rough, she wouldn't have that sexy six-speed. She wouldn't have that delightfully tight suspension if she didn't want a little. Or a lot. She wouldn't have tires that can grip like no other and a nor a top speed of 155 MPH if she wasn't a naughty girl. Hey, even if I drive her hard, I take good care of her, thank you very much. She's washed regularly, gets good gas, early oil changes, and stays garaged every chance I get (just ask ETP whenever he drives us somewhere). Really, though, I've gotta continue to get better with that car, because she does deserve better. Regardless of how I show my affection, I've realized that I may have nicer cars in the future and I may have faster cars in the future, but I will never love any of them like this one.

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