Saturday, September 03, 2005

Back in (?)

Okay, so fuck. I really hate the phrase "slippery slope," but it's so appropriate at times. For some reason, I got to thinking about Japanese cutie (incoming naked picture link) Yuu Kitajima (pronounced like the english word "You," which is why it's usually romanized as such even though this breaks somewhat accepted standards for romanization). I was searching around for some pictures I could post on my Sailor girl site now that I've got things shored up (for now) without much luck. I have a photobook of Yuu, and so that got me to thinking about photobooks. And Megami magazine. And, well, it spiraled out of control from there. I fired up Mozilla with Japanese input running, which I haven't done in months. I started hitting the usual suspects... Amazon Japan. JpopHelp. Fe-sponsor J-List. Crap.

Alright, well, it's not out of control -- yet. I only bought a couple of issues of Megami, but that's still not good. Look, one of them had some of the girls from Negima on the cover, so I had to buy it, okay? Then I was on Amazon Japan and I saw that my old "shit to buy at a later date" list had been cleared out, but it's re-populated with a few items now. At J-List, I saw a bunch of stuff like this. I have the 2004 book, and it's neat.

I know, I know. "What about the house? And the car? The fucking car, man?" Well, here's the problem. I got a raise at work. That's really all you need to know.

Okay, I don't think it's going to be that bad, but it's problematic if I can relax the spending controls. Especially since they're already kinda relaxed. But I can keep this under control, really. I only spent $35 tonight when it could have been way worse. Maybe I can just get ETP and BOETP to cut me a birthday check to help fund a photobook order. It's not like I'm going to start selling blood and organs to feed the habit. JpopHelp doesn't carry the schoolgirl magazines I was buying back then, so I can't be picking that habit up again. Except that, fuck, I just ran an eBay search, and...

Not so good.

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