Sunday, September 11, 2005

Google search:

illegal underage passwords

The internet has officially passed me by. I didn't even know that passwords were considered to have an "age," nonetheless that they could be underage. "We're gonna give you this password, but you'll get arrested if you use it before it's 18."

Okay, look, I know what the Googler was after, but I just found the poor choice of search phrase to be amusing. But here's what really pisses me off about this search, though: I got it twice from the SAME FUCKING GUY. Once at about 9 PM last night, and again at 1 AM. There's a chance that this asshole was searching for access to kiddie porn sites for FOUR FUCKING HOURS on ONE fucking search phrase. Man, now that's dedication to a cause. A bad cause, of course, but still dedication. Either that, or, stupidity. Taking the sickness, which is obvious even to me, out of the equation, you're a fucking retard if you spend four hours doing the same search without getting some kind of clue that it's not working.

I guess I can take something positive out of this. Sure, looking for what he was looking for is not good, but at least he wasn't out molesting any children. Well, at least for those four hours. And also, he apparently wasn't having any luck finding anything, which is good. It's also kinda funny to me that he ended up here twice. If you end up at my site twice in four hours, for whatever reason, you're a failure in life.

"Quitters never win, winners never quit, but those who never win AND never quit are idiots."

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