Friday, September 02, 2005

Google search:

katarina is bush's fault

Okay, so I'm guessing they meant "Katrina" and not "Katarina." Even still, with how much I hate Bush, I never would have come up with this. I was like, what kind of dumbfuck would come up with this notion? Looking through the Google searches, I saw that it might be related to Michael Moore, and suddenly all made sense. Moore came out with this this week where, yeah, he kinda implies that Bush is at fault with the whole global warming thing. That's... Quite a stretch. I also liked the line about how people are going to try and politicize Katrina and use it against Bush.

Yeah, I'm soured on Michael Moore, too. Have been for awhile, just like the rest of the left. I still want gay marriage and hate Jesus, though, so I can never truly roll with the conservatives, unless of course if I get a gun to go with my BMW.

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