Thursday, September 15, 2005

Nutscrape search:

does identical twin pussies look alike

Once again, I hate guys. Only a guy would not only spend time pondering such asinine questions, but only a guy would take the time to ask a search engine, and do it with poor grammar nonetheless.

There was an article posted on Slashdot recently about trying to create an embryo with genetic material from two mothers. Now, sperm was still needed to fertilize one egg initially, so it wasn't as if a guy's involvement was totally eliminated. But maybe someday they can figure out how to form viable embryos without sperm, thus negating the need for men, and I think that's the direction we should be heading in.

Sure, I pointed out several days ago that all women hate eachother, so it's not like this alone solves all of the world's problems. Men fight and start wars with eachother over dick size, so I'm sure women would find something to do battle over. I think with men out of the equation, though, that would reduce a lot of the potential for wars right there. As long as there are enough shopping malls that should help matters greatly. And that's not a crack on women; a day and age when we're focused on building malls instead of nuclear weapons sounds great to me. From a personal standpoint it's unfortunate that even feminized guys like me would be eliminated and unable to enjoy this, but hey. That's the price we pay for progress.

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