Thursday, September 01, 2005

Okay, so it looks like it's good that we didn't pay for The Onion's "premium" service since they now have their entire archive online for free. That means I have easy access to articles like the one on McDonald's from the very first issue I ever saw. Now I can quickly find my favorite articles, like "Nobody Really Understands Me" by Fermat's Last Theorem and "Haggar Physicists Develop 'Quantum Slacks'." Even some of the greatest full issues, like the post-2000 election coverage. Nice.

Of course, I would have mentioned the post-9/11 issue, which should be here, but the link is fucked up and leads to a later issue.

EDIT: Someone at The Onion got their shit together and fixed the link to the post-9/11 issue.

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