Saturday, October 15, 2005

As if we didn't need more proof that they're not serious about Bond films anymore. I pretty much stopped caring once they stopped making them R-rated, but this is just yet another nail in the coffin. Once Clive Owen's name was floated, that should have been it. That's like Samuel L. Jackson as Shaft -- it just had to be done. And it wasn't done. Look, I have no idea what the deal with Daniel Craig is, and I don't care.

Granted, Clive Owen, in many ways, will always be The Driver to me. Doing his Bimmer commercials, errr, short films, running away from bad guys, tossing Madonna around in the backseat of his M5 like the cheap whore she is... Yeah. But still, the guy is so smooth that he could have gotten me interested in Bond movies again. I don't dig guys, but if for some reason I absolutely had to have sex with a guy and also had a say in the matter, I would totally do Clive Owen. He's definitely in Orlando Bloom territory.

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