Saturday, March 19, 2005

It's been too long since I posted a link to a story about sexual fetish in Japan from MDN's WaiWai pages. Like I've said before, I'm far from an expert but I've learned enough about Japan that none of that stuff phases me anymore, but anyone relatively new here may appreciate a small insight into the Japanese brand of perversion. Or not.
Something interesting happened a couple of days ago. Well, interesting for my sad life. I was doing my usual round of bullshit checks -- e-mail, Fe linkers, other 'blogs, and 'blog traffic. When I got to Sitemeter for my Sailor Schoolgirl site, I saw the following number under the today's visits stat: 127,000. That's not a typo. Sometime fairly early in the morning, I got a link from somewhere, and traffic just went berserk. It looks like if you get too many hits on a site that's image-intensive, Angelfire will shut it down. That is, unless if it was just the high traffic that caused it to catch someone's eye at Angefire and they killed it for other reasons. Anyway, it's just that third index that got shitcanned; everything else is still up and running.

I don't know for sure what happened, since Sitemeter's free service only shows the last 100 hits, and the other pages generate enough traffic that the surge was long gone in the logs before I checked it. Right now my best guess is that it was due to the fact that my defunct page is one of the top search results if you Google (whether via regular Google or image Google) for "hoshino aki," an apparently popular model who has driven a lot of the traffic to that site.

As I type, I'm re-uploading index three to a new site, but who knows if I'll eventually end up in the 127,000 bucket again. So now, I'm thinking if I want to continue this Japanese hottie goodness, I should really look into getting an actual hosted site somewhere. I've been mulling this for quite some time now, but being me, it hasn't gone anywhere yet, assuming it ever does. And either way I go, I also need to mix in some advertising -- even though it may not have really done anything, I'm kicking myself for not having set it up before 127,000 happened.

In terms of hosting, I'm looking for something cheap which at the same time gives me decent bandwidth allocations. You know, I want everything for nothing. I'd like to keep doing this site since it seems like it's serving a purpose, even if that purpose is just helping other guys jerk off. Hey, I'm fine with that -- I know what a pain in the ass it is to find sailor girl pictures. But I'm not that into providing this public service, not to the point where I'll shell out too much, especially given the, ah, financial climate over here. Some of the lower-cost options I've come across are Lunarpages, Doteasy, and LiveRack. I need to look into those more, though, to read the fine print. Anyone out there have any suggestions for decent hosting solutions?
This is none of Congress's business, nor is it the business of anyone else in the government. Yeah, it's a sad story no matter which way it goes, but they need to stay the fuck out of it. But they can't! We live in a "culture of life"! Intervening to save one person all because of, naturally, Jesus. Meanwhile, we're killing thousands of people around the world and plenty more here at home. Wow, what a principled people we are.

"Bipartisan" bill. What fucking ever. This is led by the Republicans, plain and simple. You know, the people who are supposed to be about getting government out of our lives. Even if the Democrats are really supporting this, I mean really supporting it and not doing it because of some image issues, well, they're at least supposed to be the Big Government people. The Republicans, of course, have been both Big Business and Big Government for quite some time now -- at least a couple of decades. No, they don't want to help you with, say, Social Security or health care or a foreign policy that doesn't get everyone to hate us, but they will determine what you can and can't read or hear or masturbate to, they'll determine what you can and can't do with your body (hell, they'll even try and keep you from finding out what you can do with it, as the abstinence drive shows), and they determine when you live and when you die. But as we've seen, they're all too happy to play God. Which is funny, because they say that they really revere another god, one who has made it pretty clear that he doesn't like competition. That sounds like self-righteousness at best and outright hypocrisy at worst, but neither of those could possibly be the case with these fine souls, so I'll have to keep searching for the answers.

Meanwhile, I wish we could remove the feeding tubes of everyone on Capitol Hill. Whatever the fuck that means.
Hey, you know what? Maybe we should be encouraging teens to take abstinence pledges after all.

Look, I know this is coming from the liberal media blah blah blah, but c'mon. You spread institutionalized ignorance and kids are going to fuck up even worse than is expected of them. I've been over this issue too many times before, and while that usually doesn't stop me, I'm way too tired to get it on right now. You'll just have to come up with your own non-wit and uninsightful commentary with the standard jokes about underage girls mixed in for good measure.
Okay, I don't give a shit about anything in this article, but it does bring something to light that I need to bitch about. Whatever in the hell they're doing to Lindsay Lohan, it needs to stop. Everytime I see her showing up somewhere it just keeps getting worse and worse. She used to be so incredibly hot, and now... Well, jesus, what the fuck? This is so upsetting that I can barely put together coherent sentences, so I'm punting.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

So let them.

It's fuckin' Paul

Not exactly new news, but Paul Wolfowitz has been tapped to head the World Bank. That's pretty special. You know, we should just get it over with and change the American flag so that it's nothing more than the image of a middle finger.

The sad thing was that the other leading candidate (at least as far as the rumor mill went) was ex-Hewlett Packard, errr, ex-HP CEO Carly Fiorina. Ahhh, the time-honored American tradition of having to choose between shit and... Shit. While Wolfowitz is, well, Wolfowitz, and therefore not exactly qualified to be in charge of helping the poor (in addition to being a dick), Carly has the distinction of helping to run one of the world's most admired companies into the ground. Now, I don't work for HP (considering all the layoffs they've been through, who does?), but I do have it on good authority that HP isn't what it used to be, and she had a teency bit to do with fucking it all up.

So yeah, other than my inborn tendency for knee-jerk reaction, none of this shit is really bothering me that much. The world is fucked and there's nothing we can do about it. Another thing in recent days that showed just how apathetic I am was the decision to start ripping up ANWR for oil. I should be pissed about this but I just can't work up the energy (no pun intended). I mean, it was only a matter of time before the Republicans got their way on this. And what is everyone else to do about it? Vote so that shit like this doesn't happen? We're too fucking stupid for that! Speaking of stupid:

Democrat presidential contender John Kerry was more succinct: "It's a sad day when the Senate sells off America's public lands to the highest bidder," he said.

Once again, thanks for nothing, dipshit. Seriously, if this man tries to run in 2008, someone punch him in the fucking cock.