Friday, November 04, 2005

I knew when I saw a headline about Hillary Düff on tech news site The Register that there had to be something funny behind it.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

I meant to comment on this a couple of days ago and totally spaced it. But it's official: George Takei cannot get any cooler. I've always loved George Takei because, as I see it, he's the anti-Shatner. William Fucking Shatner is what he is -- he serves his purpose, and he can be quite entertaining, whether laughing with him or at him. But through and through, he's a fucking douchebag. The Shat would clearly be nothing without Star Trek, and he has a definite disdain for that. When he makes fun of the fans, it's not just in jest -- there's a streak of malice in it. Now, as we all know, Star Trek dork needs to be made fun of, but there's a right way and a wrong way to do it if you're Shatner. And you know, if you're going to reject what made you a star, for fuck's sake, just separate yourself from it. Don't start writing some pathetic novels where Kirk is still alive.

Takei is just the opposite. That guy knows that he wouldn't be where he is without Trek. I'm sure that bugs him from time to time, but as yet, he rolls with it. He accepts it, has fun with it, and lets the fans know he genuinely appreciates them. Back when they were still deciding on what the next series would be (which ultimately ended up being that piece of shit Enterprise), one idea that was floated was doing a Captain Sulu show set on board the Excelsior. I always hated the prequel idea, partly because it was going backwards when everything else had moved forward (at least chronologically... Voyager was a step backwards in many other ways). But I could have gotten on board with a Sulu show. Looking back, the writers probably would have fucked it up, though, but still. Get your shit together and give that man his own show. The guy was cool before, he's even cooler to me now, and he deserves it.
I say give 'em the chair. Not just these guys, I'm talking all frat guys. Quick quiz: what's the difference between a frat guy and a piece of shit? The bucket. Seriously, the kid who died was merely doing us all a favor.