Monday, January 02, 2006

Okay, to start the new year off on a lame foot, I just got a bunch of search hits that pissed me off.

little april fuck

If you want to see Little April fucking, why don't you just go to her goddamn website? Relax -- every indication I have is that she's legal, even if she doesn't look it. If you're like me, that's neat. A girl in braces is hot. Except this one fucking cunt we knew who ruined an ex-friend of ours. But that's a story I've been meaning to get to for almost three years.

I've been known to fuck up everything.

Join the club.

sasha cohen masturbate

Don't I wish. Do you really think you'll find this out there, moron?

trent reznor's kids

He had better not.

5'7" 125 lbs porn

I'm sick and fucking tired of the specificity if search hits. I can understand wanting some kind of range when it comes to age, height, weight (no fat chicks), whatever, but you have to have these exact specs? You're an asshole.

fuck you fuck everything you stand for

Ha ha ha, fuck you, you stupid Slipknot loving retard. I only hope that every time some imbecile comes to this site due to that query (or a similar one), I hope that they read the whole post where I ridicule Slipknot and their fans.

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