Saturday, January 28, 2006

We need somebody to rape Ann Coulter

That's a joke, for those of you who are fuckheads. But seriously, who, other than a fuckhead, can't get on board with that idea?

God damn it Ann Coulter is a dumb fucking cunt. Okay, so the poison line isn't that bad, it's just lame. But crack cocaine has "has pretty much gone away"? Maybe that was taken out of context, but probably not. And either way, there's a whole lineage of moronic shit that has spewed from this bitch's mouth.

I was just thinking, Ann Coulter is such a retard that I wouldn't be surprised if she was actually planted by liberals just to make conservatives look bad. Since a good deal of conservatives are themselves, in fact, retards, it completely backfired. Which is the outcome one would expect from liberals.

And of course, we don't even need to point out how bloody hideous she looks. Yes, I once said in a post or comment that I would fuck Ann Coulter, but I made it clear that it was only out of spite and absolutely no other desire. I just wanted her, for once, to have a little bit of liberal in her. Of course, I'm a Republican now, but I'm still all for things like baby killing and queer marrying, so I think that oughta count.

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