Tuesday, February 07, 2006

ETP posted this link in comments, and I think it's worthy of a post. Ted Rall goes into one thing that I didn't over this whole cartoon nonsense because I was too busy denigrating religion. He also goes into more depth than I would have and states things much better than I'm capable of, but I get paid exactly zero dollars for this so that's to be expected.

If you at least read the headlines, you've seen that the outrage hasn't died down. The protests rage on, and it's not just the guys with guns -- this shit seems fairly mainstream. People are even dying in some of the protests, which is just pathetic. In the end, if it's protesters dying that's no huge loss (c'mon, it's not like they were gonna go on to cure cancer), but to die over something this stupid is... Stupid. Iran is responding in expected fashion, although the point is valid even if it's coming from a standpoint of disingenuousness. And it's not like I can give anyone too much shit over Holocaust jokes considering the history of this blog, right up to the post right before this one.

I also find it rather appropriate that the cartoons were originally published in September but all of the anger is just now getting really bad. Way to get with the times. And if you want to give me any shit, we can talk again about the treatment of women or other groups like homosexuals. Hey, if I could I'd fucking stone people for things as simple as wearing Crocs, but I obviously have problems.

We're only a week in, but Islam has easily won the Dumbest Religion of the Month. This is pretty meaningless, though, since it and many other religions already have a lifetime achievement award.

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