Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Google search:

where are sasha cohen's boobs

I'm guessing somewhere in her chestular area. What the fuck? They're small, just like the rest of her, but that doesn't mean that they might be somewhere other than where they should be. I know what this guy was thinking. Maybe she keeps them in her duffel bag. Or maybe she's like that alien from Star Trek VI who had his balls on his knees. Or maybe this searcher is just a fucking retard.

Not surprisingly, I got quite a few Sasha-related hits today, especially in the past couple of hours since the short program aired here in the states. Also not surprising is the fact that they were pretty much all for stupid shit, looking for things like nudie pics and the above. That's to be expected thanks to the level of humanity out there, which is only matched by the quality of my writing.

Man, she had better fucking win on Thursday. And she can, she just hasn't yet.

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