Thursday, March 30, 2006

Here's a quick roundup of recent webcomics, pretty much just so I can find them easily if need be.

Jeffrey Rowland is crazy -- right. Christ I'm embarassed to have phrased it that way, but his point stands. Larry the Cable guy is an unfunny retard.

The dialogue is not particularly funny in this one, but once I saw Weedmaster P's t-shirt my laughter nearly caused me to choke on the air I was breathing.

Transformers references are often great, especially when they're executed like this.

When he's not being pussified, Red Robot is the hardest motherfucker out there.

Penny Arcade seems to be sucking balls these days. One of the only ones I can remember that I found funny recently was this one, which was entertaining to me for pretty obvious reasons. Next time on IRC I think I'll tell Gabe that he and Tycho need to be funny and not lame.

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