Saturday, March 11, 2006

I know it's supposed to be touching and all, but I am sick of this story, and I have been since I first heard about it months back. What, we're gonna kill countless others in Iraq and elsewhere, but oooh, look, we're saving one whole child! Fucking pricks. I'm sure the people directly involved with this do have emotional involvement with this baby's plight, but outside of that, it's just PR.

I've always found it disgusting to announce good deeds you've done, because that kills any remaining notion of altruism. Not that I really believe in altruism to begin with, except maybe in some rare circumstances. I'm sorry, but there's always something in it for you when you do a good deed, and unless if you have no time to think about it, you know it. And there's nothing wrong with that; just deal with it and get over yourself. But if you do do something nice, like with this baby, and then have to make a big, public deal over it, then it's degenerated into self-aggrandizement. In the end, the results are (hopefully) good and as such it was a worthwhile endeavor, but you're still a dick.

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