Thursday, March 02, 2006

Just in case you'd forgotten

Considering the stems who are gonna come here via search engines I shouldn't be posting this, but Japan is fucked up. I just read this gem on ANN:

The January volume of Shiawase Pantsu, an adult lolicon manga, included a pair of panties as a promotional extra. It is not uncommon for erotic manga to include article of women's clothing as extras, however publisher Akaneshinsha proudly boast that the panties included with Shiawase Pantsu are for a 130cm tall girl, a size typically worn by pre-schoolers.

I don't want to ask this, but I have to: are the panties used? You cringe but considering who we're talking about the question is valid.

At this point, if not for the rest of the world, Japan could be single-handedly responsible for allowing me to not feel as bad about myself as I should. I'm fucked up, but these people have such a head-start that it's not even funny.

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