Sunday, March 26, 2006

Several weeks back, I had a precipitous drop in my traffic numbers. It was around the time I made my call for Ann Coulter to be raped and when I was ripping on Islam over the cartoon nonsense. It also could have been around the time when J-List de-linked me. There could be some interrelation there, or it could be none of that.

Just in case it was the making fun of Islam thing, I'm gonna point out again that Islam is ridiculous. Well, apparently, at least if you follow the letter of the law laid down by the Koran (since I do not know the Koran at all -- big shocker that I'm forming an opinion from a standpoint of ignorance -- I dunno for sure if this is pretty much what is says or if it's open to interpretation). I've gotta believe (or at least, I want to believe) that beliefs like this aren't mainstream with Muslims, but then again, there were shitloads of people protesting cartoons. And either way, some Muslim leaders are calling for death, and that doesn't bode well for being able to take a religion seriously. Because, you know, I take so many of them seriously.

Of course, this would not be getting much if any run here in America if it wasn't for the fact that the guy converted to Xtianism. Had he converted to anything else, except maybe Judaism and if Israel got wind of it and got pissed (meaning we have to get pissed too), we wouldn't hear shit and people like Bush wouldn't give a damn.

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