Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Again, I know this is my solution to a lot of problems, but this kid and kids like him oughta be killed. Twelve years in school? Fuck you, dooshe. You know, I have a friend who has been in school since '97 and still doesn't have her undergrad, but she's at least academically brilliant, she just can't get her shit together in the common sense realm. This kid, on the other hand:

Had he graduated, he would have earned a liberal studies degree in education, communications, theater, health and women's studies.

Yeah, those have "genius" written all over them. I guess he's better off in school since he'll never do shit with any of those, so again, let's just kill him. I mean, just look at that fuck-off. The picture alone is enough to warrant death. Nobody who looks like that is anything but a dipshit.

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