Thursday, May 25, 2006

And speaking of Iran, it's pretty pathetic that the country we're working so hard to demonize is the one who comes across sounding reasonable. Sure, they could just be bullshitting, but at least they're talking a good game, and they're making us look like assholes. Which we are. As usual.

Iran, he said, "needs a government that is going to recognize that part of being a great country is to be in line with your international obligations."

It's just astounding, the shit that will come out of Bush's mouth.

I think everything was really put into perspective when Ahmadinejad sent that letter to Bush a few weeks back. The letter can best be summed up with "Oooooohhhhhhhhh BURRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNN!" Because as little as you want to admit it, Ahmadinejad makes a lot of good points (along with many not-so-good points), especially when he plays the Jesus card on Bush. It's both funny and amusing to see a guy like Ahmadinejad ripping on Bush and being right about a lot of what he has to say. If you haven't read that letter before now (as I hadn't; it's linked off that BBC article), I'd recommend giving it a read.

And, of course, our response to that letter was perfectly wrong. Look, I'm not naive enough to assume that Ahmadinejad was being completely genuine, if at all. Still, an Iranian leader sending a letter to the sitting American president is unprecedented in recent decades, so we could have at least tried to make something positive come out of that. But what did we do instead? What we always do: posture.

Since I'm sending out personal messages to foreign governments today, a note to Israel's leaders: fuck you. We probably have no clue as to how close Iran really is to having nucular nuclear weapons, but this effort to fan the flames could not be more transparent. Again, fuck you, you scumbags. In fact, I'm going to coin a new term to describe these assholes: Jewbags. Call me anti-Semitic if you want, but I'm not ripping on Jews in general (those cheap bastards), I'm ripping on their leaders.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not thrilled by the prospect of Iran having nuclear weapons. But that doesn't justify our behavior, where we're barely trying to cover up the fact that we're simply looking for a fight as opposed to progress. But that's what's so special about the Middle East; everyone involved with the various conflicts over there is a prick. The U.S., Israel, the Palestinians, the Iranians, whoever, they're all shitheads. Everyone is wrong. Some more wrong than others (depending on what side you fall on), but everyone clearly sucks.

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