Monday, May 22, 2006

Since I mentioned freeballing at one point, I naturally get the occasional search hit for that. Last night I was looking through the Google results for one particular hit, curious as to what exact post had been run down in that search, and I found this, the official site of the Freeballers of America. By virtue of the subject it's all kinda tongue-in-cheek (seems like there's a joke in there... maybe I should say "ball-in-sack" or something), but they do still seem pretty serious about freeballing and freeballer rights. And that's... Great. Look, if you need to roll without underwear, fine, you do what you gotta do. It's not important enough that you need to announce it to everyone else in the world. Oh, and be sure to keep your nuts and ass clean if you're only allowing one layer of clothing to keep us apart from them. Even still, you're not sitting on my Pottery Barn couch or the leather in my car just for good measure.

Take a look at the tool who is the founder of their stupid-ass little club. His name's Jack. They call him "Happy Jack." Yeah, I'd be pretty happy, downright stoked, even, if I set up a club and announced to the world that I freeball, and somehow I not only still had a decent-looking girlfriend, but she would allow herself to get mired in the embarrassment as well. Man, Misty is a retard. She felt that she "needed to back Jack"? If I ever went public with my freeballing (assuming I started freeballing to begin with) and I had a girlfriend (an even bigger assumption), I would fully expect her to leave me over something like this.

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