Thursday, May 04, 2006


To whom it may concern,

Let us inform you that MNS, Inc starts a new project in the USA and is looking for a reliable, well-motivated and well-executive person to take care of the project's needs. The job requires a flexible schedule shift.

According to this fact we are offering you a position of the Executive Manager of MNS, Inc. If you are interested in starting business activity or searching a secure managing job, please response this message for more detailed description of the opportunity with your CV or Resume attached to the message. Please forward all your questions and comments to

With due respect,
Human resources department of MNS, Inc.

I'm a little afraid to response this e-mail because I'm still in awe at finding out I'm a well-executive person but never knew it. And why the fuck do I need to give them my resume if they're already offering me the job? Is this the same company I was working for that couldn't hire me because I didn't have a diploma?

P.S. to anyone getting here via a search engine: If you got the above e-mail or something similar and thought it was legitimate, you're an moron.

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