Thursday, June 29, 2006

Alright, so after all that, let's lighten things up a bit around here. Britney Spears finally decided to take it off, although not really. I'm going to clarify that these pics are from Harper's Bazaar just in case that brings me some traffic (because there won't be a million fucking sites ahead of mine that will have them). She should really get back to us when she's more naked and less pregnant. I will admit that the pregnancy does give it a certain dirtiness that I'm not totally averse to, however. I do dig the darker hair, though. As an aside, why can't more of you girls go darker instead of lighter, if you insist on fucking with things?

Anyway, since you may already be going one-handed over there, I'll save you the trouble of searching and point you to a site with pictures from the, er, spread.

Unfortunately it will still be several years before we can (legally) get this close with her sister, Jamie-Lynn, who is currently 15. I will again save you some precious stroke time by pointing you to this site (you know you want to, and the rest of us know you want to), which appears to have a significant number of pics of Jamie-Lynn. I don't know how much of it is quality as of yet; however, and I don't think it's unfair to ask you to do a little bit of work towards your masturbatory pursuits.

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