Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Either I've really gone Republican and/or something is seriously fucked when I see this and my first thought is, Ann Coulter might have a point. Might; I don't know the specifics of this situation, so she could be spewing her usual shit. But I have complained before about people who turn personal tragedy into disgusting attempts at grabbing money and/or attention. In this particular instance, that doesn't so much seem to be the case.

The women, who are still pushing for changes in how the government guards against future attacks...

Sounds like a laudable goal, but again, I don't know the details of this group. If they're actually like Daniel Pearl's wife, though, fuck 'em.

The other reason why this disturbs me is not only because I might be able to get behind side with Ann Coulter, but also because her opponent in this debate is named Clinton. Of course, it's Hillary, and although I really wanted to be able to (god damn it this is the one phrase that keeps immediately coming to mind) get behind Hillary in '08, I just can't. Now, granted, Hillary is still pretty fucking smart. But she's still not Bill. She doesn't have that charisma and personality. And with Bill, he was able to sell his platform of being moderate. Hillary, on the other hand, has been labeled as left-wing, and she thinks that just by mimicking some conservative shit, that it will all balance out and people will think "center!"

The senator spoke after delivering a speech on protecting children from exposure to sex- and violence-saturated media.

Like that, for instance. Maybe she can find a way to get people to buy in, but I don't know. People are dumb, after all. And there are over two years to go and she'll have a sizable amount of cash if she really does decide to run.

Her efforts are so transparent, though, that it's sad. The people who hate her are still gonna hate her, and the people who love her are still gonna love her. Of course, this is the woman who had her husband cheat on her and embarrass her on a national stage and she ended up gaining quite a bit of sympathy and power from it, so who knows what she's capable of. But I just don't see her getting many righties to roll over for her. At this point, the best option I can come up with is still Giuliani in '08.

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