Monday, October 09, 2006

Yay, more shit from searches. I think some of these are starting to get away from me.

why the fuck can't these goddamn liberals

Well, at least they can finish a sentence, chief.

poem about getting over teenage shit

Yeah, because nothing says "getting over teenage shit" like some poetry, you fucking emo.

gangbangs low self esteem

Don't forget uneducated.

if you find cancer in your pussy can you have sex

Well, this is a pleasant one. I'd suggest you check with a doctor, but as you imply that you personally found the cooch cancer all on your own, you clearly eschew professional advice. I would suggest that you not have sex because cancer is contagious, and you wouldn't want your partner to contract dick cancer.


Do you want scenic Schoolgirl?

Actually, yes... Yes I do.

how to mastubate with your dick

Wow. Just, wow.

donkey attacking man shitting

Again, I remind you of the intelligence I have to deal with here.

kathy sabine sucks

Yeah I wish. Man, get her and this new chick they have, Carrie McClure (okay, she's not that new, but I can't watch TV because it sucks so she's new to me), and there's a very nice threesome. The 9News Girls: Where My Cock Comes first. If you think I broke that out without realizing it has at least two potential meanings, you're wrong. The only problem with that threesome fantasy is that I know it'd get ruined when Susie Warjob Wargin showed up.

allintext: short girls "short girls" -tall -disease -eating -nike -clothing -buy

This is one of those ones where it's not so interesting looking at what the person wanted, but what they didn't want. Short girls, apparently, have issues with being tall, eating, diseases, Nike, and buying clothing. And really, buying clothing isn't an issue, at least not in my book. At this point, if I got myself a girlfriend, which I wouldn't, a big motivator would be just to have my own dress-up doll that I could buy nice outfits for. Yes, shoes too. No, not all schoolgirl outfits, either. But if any cuties with a decent fashion sense want to sign up and be spoiled, you are more than welcome to do so. Oh, and if this comes off as desperate, and desperation isn't attractive blah blah blah, shut up. FREE CLOTHES.

How do i get a girl to suck

Huh? You don't have to do anything, they already suck. Oh, you mean like that? Good luck asshole. PS: if you are a girl who was considering my recently made offer, just ignore this one. I wasn't talking about you.

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