Saturday, March 04, 2006

After several months of letting it languish, the Sailor Schoolgirl site is fixed back up, and also has a non-trivial update with a new gallery added. As per the usual protocol, several indexes had been blown away by Angelfire, and I just could not get motivated to put them back up. Partly because of my usual laziness, and partly because I couldn't get Japanese input working ever since I switched over to Gentoo Linux.

We'll see how long the SSG site stays fully functional before they decide to fuck something else up for no good reason. In the meantime, I'll see if the SSG collection can become the 50,000-visit-a-month juggernaut that it once was. One of these days maybe I'll get set up with some real web hosting and my own domain so this crap stops happening, but that idea has been floating around for at least two years and it hasn't happened yet. Like usual, I'm just not motivated enough to do that pretty much for the sole purpose of guys beating off. I don't really care for that so much as I feel I'm providing a necessary service. In addition to the vanity that keeps that site running (in terms of the SiteMeter numbers), there's the fact that there just need to be sites like that out there. I'm still sick of so few resources for schoolgirl stuff. The reason for this being, of course, because there are apparently only two people in the world who know how to get it right: me, and Japan. You need to check with one of us before you get going with any schoolgirl stuff.

So, what got me motivated to get the site fixed? Well, pretty much the only thing that ever motivates me to do anything: shopping. I was looking on Amazon Japan for photobooks, and I realized that not having Japanese input working was going to hinder my shopping agenda at some point. As such, I finally decided how to get shit set up on my computer (well, not so much figured it out as had it happen by accident), thus giving me the capability to do what I needed to do to buy shit and also edit web pages with Japanese.

Speaking of photobooks, I just noticed that J-List doesn't have me linked anymore. Bastards. Maybe they pulled all of those links because of their new referral program, but screw them all the same. Now I can get that off my front page. And besides, Amazon Japan is the best resource I've found so far for photobooks; wide selection and much better prices than J-List. The only reason I haven't pumped them up more lately is because I am, of course, a sell-out. But no more! Integrity has returned to the Fe pages. Because, you know, I had some before.

As a final aside from this post of random shit, I also need to pimp a little bit for Gentoo. Hands down, best Linux distro ever. Of course, I'm a fairly hard-core Linux user, so Gentoo probably isn't for everyone. It's built on the principle of building software from the source code, which is what I always prefer to do anyway. I'm a big fan of their Portage system (an idea ripped of from FreeBSD's "ports" system), which helps manage and build available software.

The biggest pain-in-the-ass with Gentoo is the installation process. You kinda have to know what you're doing to get it installed. Their most recent release, however, has a new graphical installer which looks pretty fucking sharp. It looks much easier to deal with than sitting there and reading through the install documentation like I did a couple of times. You still need to know shit, but it looks way less tedious than before.

To sum up my feelings on the distro: Gentoo rules, everything else can suck it.
Over at El Reg, I was just reading about an ad that Microsoft ran in New Zealand for awhile promoting Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003:

The look on that kid's face is priceless.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Just in case you'd forgotten

Considering the stems who are gonna come here via search engines I shouldn't be posting this, but Japan is fucked up. I just read this gem on ANN:

The January volume of Shiawase Pantsu, an adult lolicon manga, included a pair of panties as a promotional extra. It is not uncommon for erotic manga to include article of women's clothing as extras, however publisher Akaneshinsha proudly boast that the panties included with Shiawase Pantsu are for a 130cm tall girl, a size typically worn by pre-schoolers.

I don't want to ask this, but I have to: are the panties used? You cringe but considering who we're talking about the question is valid.

At this point, if not for the rest of the world, Japan could be single-handedly responsible for allowing me to not feel as bad about myself as I should. I'm fucked up, but these people have such a head-start that it's not even funny.
MSN search:

what the fuck is wrong with women now days